With an artful blend of science and timeless wisdom, we offer you the tools, the strategies, and the inspiration to guide you to your most meaningful, joyous & fulfilling career and life.  

Creating a meaningful, joyous and fulfilling life and career is not the product of a once-off, big bang event.

Instead, it is the sum of daily intentional practice that moves us in the direction of that beautiful, compelling life we yearn for. 

This journey is different for everyone, and New Habits is borne from the singular desire to guide you along your unique path to happiness and fulfilment. 

At the epicenter of your life, your career and your leadership is You!


Whether you are up-leveling your personal life, your career or your leadership, we guide and support you to recover your boundaries, to shore up your resilence and your resourcefulness; and ultimately, to bask in your self-confidence and your influence.   

Believe it or not, you are an endless reservoir of extraordinary wisdom. You are the only one walking your path and only you know the way. 

Somewhere along your journey, you may have lost your way, or you may have forgotten or lost sight of the countless tools and resources you. 

Your quest for a fulfilling life and career inspires us to develop tools, resources, and experiences that will unlock and guide you back to your inner wisdom. 

What I Do

Fairland, Johannesburg

South Africa

Tel: +27 83 258 1251  makeshifthappen@newhabits.co.za

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