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You are here to lead change and to be a force for good. With a sustainable approach to your career, you can create an unstoppable life that ensures that you make the impact you want to, without it costing you your well-being and your quality of life.



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To the world, it appears as though you may have cracked the code to 'having it all'.

You Know Otherwise.

In truth, it feels as if you're perched on a razor's edge.


Every now and then, you are in your element, savouring your craft, completely mystified by the energy that you are plugged into.


Unfortunately, these moments are few and far between, and as time goes by, they are becoming increasingly rare.

Stressed Woman
You're Exhausted

You are completely depleted. Your day's battles begin when you first open your eyes. Just the thought of getting up and getting your day started sets off a wave of exhaustion in you. Before you even rise from your bed, you already start making enormous withdrawals from your already over-extended willpower account.

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You're Disconnected

You feel damaged and alienated, from yourself, your colleagues, your work, your loved ones. From life.

It wasn't always this way.  You miss the the way that life excited you. The way that your work excited you. You want to love the the people you love with more heart and more zest.

The energy is just not there. Everything just feels too distant and removed.

Image by Mehrpouya H
You're  Anxious & Overwhelmed

Demands are being hurled at you from all quarters of your life. Your to-do list feels as though it might be extended well beyond your capacity in this lifetime. 

As if this is not enough, you are plagued by the incessant premonition that you are about to drop the ball in a big way. You can feel it in your bones that someone is about to find out that you are not nearly as 'on top of things' or as 'put together' as everyone thinks. They're going to find out that it's nothing more than a mirage. Despite all the trust they've put in you, they are going to discover that you're barely winging it. 

You're Feeling Powerless

You've tried it all, changing jobs, taking the promotion, yoga, self-help books, extravagant holidays, retail therapy, talk therapy, anxiety, sleeping and pain meds, and every numbing agent you've been able to lay your hands on. 

You're looking for a way out. You just can't see it. 

There is a way ...... And I can help. 


Creating a career you love and juggling all you priorities is not easy, but I believe that 'having it all' does not mean that we have to lose ourselves in the process. 

I believe that there is a way for us to lead in our lives and in our careers without Burning Out. 

I believe that there is a way for us to Shine Brightly, to make a difference and to Thrive.



Safiyyah Boolay

Chief Shift Stirrer

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I help High Achieving Women like You to create Impactful careers without sacrificing your well-being, yourself, your relationships and quality of life.

I deeply understand the demands being juggled by professional women, both in their professional and personal lives. I understand it because I’ve lived it.


I worked in the corporate world for 17 years, with most of these in complex leadership roles, and whilst raising two children. ​

Every day was full-on! Most days I was running on empty, surviving only on the fumes of willpower.


Without the space and the necessary tools to recalibrate, exhaustion became my way of life. ​I thought that this was the way it was meant to be; the proverbial cost of success. ​


On Leap Year Day in 2012, I lost my mom, and everything changed. In one single moment, I lived an entire seismic shift, and I knew something had to change. ​


When I carefully re-evaluated my priorities, I learnt to embrace a different way of being. One that has a positive effect on myself and others. And I want to share those learnings with you through my coaching and training.

Are You Ready for Meaningful Change?

We can lead the change in our families and in our workplaces. But it starts with changing ourselves. My job is to help you do just that. So you can step into leadership from a place of strength and authenticity. That journey starts with a no obligation free call.