Fairland, Johannesburg

South Africa

Tel: +27 83 258 1251  makeshifthappen@newhabits.co.za

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About Safiyyah

Hey There!!!

Welcome to New Habits!

You will find that I am a little bit Buddah and a little bit Badass. 

I've got sprinkles of funny and heavy doses of heart! 



Chief Shift Stirrer


I Help you to rework your Inner Game so that it is a match for the next Up-Level in your Life, Career and Leadership

I Coach, Consult, Speak on, Train & Facilitate the following:

  • How to BulletProof your Mindset - Personal Mastery and Self-Leadership

  • Cracking the Confidence Code - Our lives, talents, skills and dreams are too precious to perish simply because we lack the confidence to bring it to the light. The inner game that unlocks your confidence, unlocks your destiny

  • Escape the Perfectionism Trap - Perfectionism, the Inner Critic and Procrastination create the perfect trifecta that destroys your dreams and keeps you from living your purpose. 

  • CareerPreneur - Taking an Entrepreneurial Approach to Create a fulfilling Career

  • Beyond Leadership - Using Leadership to Power the Workplace with Humanity, Accountability and Focused Performance

  • Presence Simplified - Personal Branding that allows your confidence and skills to shine authentically

  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace - Talent is irrelevant in the absence of Connection

  • Conversational Intelligence - Communication that facilitates Connection

Mali Mothiba

Safiyyah has been my personal life coach for six months and during the most tumultuous time of my life. Very large personal and professional changes simultaneously necessitated that I reach out to her to help me navigate the new unknowns. The journey she has taken me on has not only allowed me to make sense of the sweeping changes but equipped me with the tools to make the most of new opportunities. These tools have application well into the future and will allow me to stay on top of myself and pursue the life I desire, with aplomb. To understand oneself with the help of a professional coach like Safiyyah is something I would recommend for everyone

Tanya Geldenhuys

I don't know what exactly it is that she does, but whenever I work with Safiyyah, I discover new aspects about myself and new ways of looking at things that help me recover my confidence and I feel more connected with myself. 

I think that everyone should attend the Qualified to Be You Workshop. It is a critical part of the puzzle of life and unfortunately, in our busyness we forget it and we lose ourselves. 

In my coaching with Safiyyah I recovered my power in a very challenging professional relationship and it has given me the claruty with which to approach my career growth. 

Fidel Namisi

Safiyyah is a no-nonsense coach, who also, surprisingly, has a lot of compassion. I really value her no bullshit approach that is simultaneously empowering and compassionate. And she actually listens. So many coaches want to jump in and offer advice before you've even finished explaining the problems! Safiyyah actually listens. That in itself is worth every cent. More especially, she helps you to hear and to see yourself, to seeing your stories and holding you back. Safiyyah helps you to discover and explore your own resourcefulness and to recover your lost power. 

Through her coaching and support I have made some tough choices. And they were tough!

I've let go of the 'comfort' and made my way to my calling.