Our Lives become a Master Piece

when we learn to Master Peace

13 August to 2 September


21 Days to More Resilience, Vitality, Wholeheartedness & Peace

13 August - 2 September

Are you tied to Life's Wheel of Weariness, 
bucking under the pressure of Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm?

Ready to Live Your Life as the Master Piece
You know it was meant to be?


Imagine starting your day because you Really Want To!

Imagine oozing confidence and zest, that clients and colleagues cannot help but hang on to your every word.

Imagine living your life being Endlessly Creative and Fully Expressed.

Imagine living your life with Anxiety and Overwhelm at Arms Length.

Imagine returning to your family with more energy than you started the day with.

And the best part?

You can do this without the effort you've assumed it would take.

Life will Happen

This is Inevitable. 

And you've heard the expression:

"Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional."

And yet, it feels as if it is the suffering that is inevitable. Without a moments notice, you find yourself rowing through the sludge of anxiety, stress, overwhelm and dread. You feel discouraged, frustrated, worried, and resigned to disappointments. You can't help but look across the proverbial fence wondering why it looks like everyone else has their ducks in a row while you feel like you're trying to herd wet cats, or like you just can't figure out how  to get started on a life of wholesomeness and ease.  



We all enjoy an innate resilience that allows us to return to a baseline of wellbeing that allows us to thrive after challenging life events and an ongoing exposure to stress and overwhelm.


Beyond resilience lies the possibility of wholeheartedness and growth, which is our potential for evolving, or bouncing forward after loss, trauma, stressful events, and everyday life challenges that threaten to wear us down.


If you are ready to step off the wheel of weariness, join me in BEYOND RESILIENCE, a 21-day programme that is a delightful dance of science, mindfulness and storytelling that will guide you to explore your past programming, your current mindset and your outlook on life.

Move Beyond Resilience

As we delve into

  • The thinking patterns we fall prey to that lands us in overwhelm, stress and  burnout, and that keeps us removed from joy and wholeheartedness 

  • How we become stuck on coping mode

  • Why our comfort zone is not as taboo as we have been led to believe

  • What we can do to turn adversity and overwhelm into growth accelerants

  • The ONE practice that ensures that we are able to make growth a part of our everyday reality AND stave off overwhelm

  • A super easy process for re-training our focus to what actually matters

  • How we can adopt and integrate the PEACE process to get off the wheel oweariness for good and make vitality our way of life



21 Days to More Resilience, Vitality, Wholeheartedness & Peace

13 August - 2 September 2022


Interactive sessions in which I share the tools and science to help you move from overwhelm and weariness to wholeheartedness

These session are supported with Community & are recorded if you can't attend live


Daily tips, tools and practices offered to you to help you to create and integrate new habits that keep stress, anxiety and overwhelmat arms length and to help you make wholeheartedness your daily life 


This supplementary content will support the weekly themes, broker new insights and will support you as you integrate new found levels of resilience and resourcefulness.

These sessions are supported with community and the recordings are yours indefinitely 


I share my roadmap for peace to help you

align your hopes, dreams, and ambitions with you lived reality 

Your Convenience

Every aspect of the programme is delivered directly to your mailbox as well as hosted on a learning portal, keeping everything organised and  available for you access at your convenience.

At your election, you will be included in a WhatsApp group where all content will be added.

Your Investment

The most important investment is your time, focus and your willingness to show up for yourself.

The exchange is R 990

Payment Details:

Payee New Habits

Account: 62167556334

FNB: Br Code 250655

Email POP to

Upon Receipt registration will be confirmed and platform log in details will be provided

What People are Saying

My breakthrough came when the penny dropped during one of our amazing coaching sessions that my hyper-control response that held me back originates from my survival zone, which I foolishly called my 'comfort zone'... this released me to start colouring in and finding language for the wonderful space between either/or and black and white... a space pregnant with possibilities.

I remain forever grateful for the power the soundboard of my Shift Stirrer held.

Anyone who reads this and still in doubt about taking on the 21 Day mini-programme ... you owe it to your mind, body and soul.

Tanya Pretorius

Disability Mojo Coach