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Mindset Reset

This programme will empower you to reclaim your power from external sources, as well as to reclaim your boundaries.  

You will become laser clear about the transformation you want to create in your life and in your relationships. 

To achieve that, you will:

  • Look Back,

  • Reflect to Learn,

  • Let Go and

  • Break Through to your new levels of Resourcefulness.

In the 21st century, leaders are required to consistently deal with the unexpected and with the unpredictable.

Leaders have to be adept at functioning and leading within an environment of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

Tackling these conditions is not easy but it is essential to thrive in a chaotic world.

Reflective action is critical to a leaders' ability to maximise performance, lead transformation and to navigate risk.

I guide you to applying reflective action in your daily leadership and to using the most recent findings in nueroscience, management and leadership theory to galvinise your teams to deliver optimal performance. 

Beyond Leadership




We spend up to, and sometimes, even in excess of 60% of our waking lives at work. It stands to reason then, that if we desire a fulfilling life, a fulfilling career is an essential element to achieving that idealised life.

Statistics reveal that more than 90% of the world's working population are succumbing to a work life that is threatening their mental and emotional well-being.  

In this coaching programme I support you to develop a career-framework that will compliment your strengths and natural preferences. 

We will work to develop your resilience, resourcefulness and interpersonal skills so that you have the ability to navigate your environment, Being You, Fully, and with Ease. 


There are a myriad of misconceptions of Personal Branding suggesting that you need to train yourself to adopt a persona in order  to thrive. Nothing could be further from the truth. Personal Branding is Personal. Intimate. Its about giving your essential self the space to breathe, and the space to play. 

If you Dare to Dazzle, whilst Being Fully You, and with Ease, this programme will guide you to discover and give life to your unstoppable Personal Brand. 

I guide you to bringing into alignment your values, your conduct and your immediate and long-term objectives. I work with you to navigate the tensions between authenticity and conformity to ensure you remain true to yourself. 

Presence Simplified


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South Africa

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