I help busy, ambitious women to Burn Brightly without Burning Out.

My mission is to support Ambitious women to Succeed

  • Without being hampered by the pitfalls of burnout, and

  • Without sacrificing the relationships and experiences that matter to them, and

  • Without losing themselves in the process. 


I work with busy, ambitious women who are feeling

  • That their career, work, and impact isn’t where they want it to be. They desperately crave deeper meaning, a higher purpose, something “more”. It is vital to them that they know that their life and your work mattered.

  • They experience an inexplicable fear of failure, and of perceived judgement from others. They fear that they are not enough. These fears cause them to doubt their abilities, preventing them from taking risks and from carving out a new future.

  • Rather than taking the time to get clear on how they want to spend their lives, they find their days spent playing catch up and putting out fires doing work that is not meaningful to them. They know that their gifts, talents, and energy are misdirected.

  • They have a deep inner conviction that they’re meant for something more. They worry that the “more” doesn’t exist, it’s unattainable, or worse, that where they’re at is good enough, and that they should be grateful for it.

  • They are tired of the familiar feeling of burn out and exhaustion. Their bodies crave rest, play, rejuvenation  adventure, joy and that ever-elusive inner peace. They want to feel physically, mentally, and spiritually whole.

  • They know that their greatest barrier to success are the invisible forces and patterns within. They're ready to built the self-trust, worth, belief and confidence needed to close their power gaps so that they can speak up, take risks, and drive the changes they need in their lives and careers.

The ways we can work together



Tools, strategies and support to create a fulfilling and exceptional life and career 

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Develop the most important skill needed for life and career in the 21st century

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Recover and maintain the most important relationship you will ever be in.

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How I Help

The essence of our work together lies in closing your power gaps and cultivating clarity and direction that feels exciting, that you can articulate, and that makes you proud.

I help you to:

  • Recognise your Power Gaps and its impact on your Resilience.

  • Clarify on your vision and recover your confidence in your abilities, and belief in the impact you’re here to make.

  • Clarify the direction on your life’s work and career (whether that’s refining what you’re doing, or finding the courage to take the leap towards the work you are yearning to do).

  • Create a roadmap with practical and tactical tools to get you there.

  • A complete mindset overhaul of how you think about your worth, value, contribution and time. 

  • Continuous evolution, learning and personal growth, both personally and professionally. I’ll push you to challenge yourself in ways you never have. It will be uncomfortable, challenging, and so worth it on the other side.

  • Firm accountability to rest, recharge, and treat yourself. While you’re here to contribute and to make a difference, you are also here to create a life you enjoy.


I don't know what exactly it is that she does, but whenever I work with Safiyyah, I discover new aspects about myself and new ways of looking at things that help me recover my confidence and I feel more connected with myself. 

I think that everyone should attend the Burning Bright as well as the Qualified to Be You Workshops. It is a critical part of the puzzle of life and unfortunately, in our busyness we forget it and we lose ourselves. 

In my coaching with Safiyyah I recovered my power in a very challenging professional relationship and it has given me the claruty with which to approach my career growth. 


Senior Audit Manager, Johannesburg


One of the best trainings I have ever attended

Head of Operations, Standard Bank

Safiyyah has been my personal life coach for six months and during the most tumultuous time of my life. Very large personal and professional changes simultaneously necessitated that I reach out to her to help me navigate the new unknowns. The journey she has taken me on has not only allowed me to make sense of the sweeping changes but equipped me with the tools to make the most of new opportunities. These tools have application well into the future and will allow me to stay on top of myself and pursue the life I desire, with aplomb. To understand oneself with the help of a professional coach like Safiyyah is something I would recommend for everyone.


Strategic Financial Planning Specialist, Johannesburg


I decided to work with Safiyyah based on her understanding of my situation, empathy, experience, interpersonal style, and positive attitude

MD, Wingman Communications

Safiyyah is a no-nonsense coach, who also, surprisingly, has a lot of compassion. I really value her no bullshit approach that is simultaneously empowering and compassionate. And she actually listens. So many coaches want to jump in and offer advice before you've even finished explaining the problems! Safiyyah actually listens. That in itself is worth every cent. More especially, she helps you to hear and to see yourself, to seeing your stories and holding you back. Safiyyah helps you to discover and explore your own resourcefulness and to recover your lost power. 

Through her coaching and support I have made some tough choices. And they were tough!

I've let go of the 'comfort' and made my way to my calling.


Author, Copy Writer, Movie Producer


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