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Candice Govender

Application Development


Everybody needs to attend the Self-Love Revolution. 

Everyone benefits from taking time to reconnect with themselves. Guided by Safiyyah, there is a process for this reconnection and rediscovery of what is important to ourselves and it is wonderful to remember how resourceful we actually are. 

Having been coached by Safiyyah in a leadership context, I can say that I benefited professionally and personally. I have found ways to think through things and to approach things that support me in achieving my long-term objectives without my emotions in the short-term, clouding my judgement.


I had the pleasure of attending Safiyyah's Self-Love Revolution. I've also benefited from her coaching in both my personal life and my business. 

The Self-Love Revolution was an opportunity to pause and to remember that I am resourceful and that with a few, small adjustments to my I could really up-level my achievements and my brand. Since the Self-Love Revolution workshop, I've been more resourceful and more patient with myself. This has made all the difference!

Coaching with Safiyyah has been like holding a mirror in which I could see what I previously could not see. It has allowed 

me to see opportunities for growth and with Safiyyah's support, I comfortably experimented with moving forward in a way that worked for me. 


Working with Safiyyah, her level of Professionalism is amazing. Her Delivery precise, interactive, thought-provoking and personal. It speaks to you and what she delivers is what you can spread throughout both personal and professional. Her level of depth with regard to drawing you out and even if it means asking the uncomfortable questions to help you grow is amazing. She challenges you at every turn to help you realise your Greatness.

Waseef Gool

Marketing & Media Strategist


Melise Carelse

H.R. & Recruitment