Imagine a sacred place where you don't have to be anything or anyone other than YOU


  • Can you imagine a sacred place where you can bring your dreams to reality?

  • Can you imagine a place that offers you Healing, Comfort & Solace

  • Can you imagine a place that offers you Discovery, Clarity, & Inspiration?

  • Can you imagine a place where you discover the 'How-To' of your Inner Peace?

  • Can you imagine a place where your Imagination and Reality intersects?


This is Exactly what Journaling is!

This is Precisely what Journaling will do for You!

Journaling has been my sanity-keeper and my self-discovery aid. 

 For me, journaling has been like first aid to my mind, heart and soul. Instead of feeling as though I am being torn apart, and pulled in different directions, journaling allowed me to bring myself into dialogue with all the different parts of me fighting to be heard and clamouring to offer me their wisdom. It's helped me to navigate the most devastating grief, and it has supported me to remake my life again and again. 

And it can do this for you too!

In this in-depth, six-week course, I'll lead you through the creation of your own journaling practice.

Each week we'll focus on a specific area of our lives, excavating our own personal wisdom and getting gloriously honest with ourselves. 

By the end of the programme, you will have a much deeper relationship with yourself and you have a much deeper connection with your Irrefutable Inner Wisdom.

"When you can no longer go Outside,

it's time to go Inside"


Whether you're a dabbler, a seasoned expert, or an absolute newbie,

this programme is or you!

You will have Access to: 

  • A Richness of prompts

  • In depth guidance and tools

  • Mindset Reset Tools

  • Weekly Live Group Coaching

  • Group Support

  • A community of likeminded people whose quest for self will inspire you


Thought provoking prompts that ensure that you experience

yourself like never before

A Richness of Prompts to:

  • Ground and centre you

  • Help you let go of attachments that simply do not serve you

  • Create ease from your chaos and turmoil

  • Bring you into dialogue with the seemingly disparate parts of you

  • Explore the worlds within you

  • To recover the forgotten memories that explain your patterns


You will have weekly Group Coaching Calls and a FB Group bubbling with

support and impromptu sessions

In depth Guidance & Tools

  • We work through the ways in which you can create the New Habits that will bring you to greater grace and bliss in the relationship with yourself and others

  • Tools to track how you are experiencing your life, as opposed to what you are doing and achieving


You will have access to the critcal tools to support you to support you on your journey to greater self-love and living more bravely and courageously.

Mindset Reset Tools

  • 4 Pre-recorded sessions to support you with the critical Mindset Resets that will put you in the driver's seat to bring your most intimate hopes & dreams to reality​

  • Visualisation practices to help you connect with your inner resources

  • Prompts supported by insights into the patterns that hold you back



Registration                       CURRENTLY OPEN

Duration                             6 WEEKS

Starts                                  1 JULY 2020 

I am offering this course with the option of selecting how much you want to pay. You will be getting the same course as everybody else.

I simply trust that people are honest, that you recognise great value when you see it, and that you will support my creation of the programme and it's power to transform your life with whichever price point you are able to afford. 

The ONLY exception is the package at the end of the list. This package includes a weekly 1-to-1 coaching session of 75 minutes to support you to let go of the thinking and behaviour patterns that are holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams and that are keeping you stuck in painful patterns that you are ready to let go of.  

For the duration of the S.A. Lockdown Levels 4-3, all price points are at 50% of the full price offerings.