How I Help You Shift

What I Know

for Sure!

Regardless of what you are grappling with, the answers are inside of you!

All I do is to equip and support you with the tools, the strategies and experiences that help you navigate the crossroads you've come to. In our work together, you discover, strengthen and deploy the internal resources you already have to bring your mojo back to life! 


Our Programmes

All New Habits Programmes are interlaced to help you achieve higher levels of Personal Power so that you are able to excuse the transformation you seek. 

My ambition is you help you Be You. With Ease.


I support you with:

  • 1-2-1 Coaching

  • Online Tools & Training

  • Group Support

  • Workbooks

  • Journaling Materials

Make Shift Happen

I work with my clients at the intersection of Life, Career and Leadership.

In so doing, I help busy, overwhelmed and stressed professionals to achieve greater clarity, reclaim their personal power and to recover their mojo. 

I design, develop and deliver programmes that support you to 

BE You, more Fully and with Ease. 

Similarly, using the art and science of neuroscience and behabioural economics, I develop and deliver progammes that optimises your leadership and your teams. 

Accelerate Growth

Powering Workplaces with a

Human Experience

We support you to create a work environment that mobilises human motivation and that optimises team performance.

Fairland, Johannesburg

South Africa

Tel: +27 83 258 1251

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