Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Few things carry more power in our lives that what we say after the words, ‘I am’. By itself, ‘I am’ bears testimony to our existence. What follows determines the condition of that existence. Everything that follows ‘I am’ 100% begins the creation of our reality. Despite its power, very few of us consciously know, understand and take charge of our self-stories. As a result, we cannot actively become choiceful over our narratives, and we fall prey to a destiny that takes us away from our potential and our true callings. If you want to re-design any aspect of your reality, you HAVE to redefine your ‘I am stories’, failing which you are doomed to the results that align with your current stories.

They are your stories, and as the author of your stories, it is within your power to tell them in a way that renders you more resourceful and more aligned with your hopes and your ambitions.

Take your time with this. It could be the most important thing you can do for yourself today.

The goal is to retrain your brain. What new stories do you want to tell about yourself? How can you make the most empowering stories you already have about yourself even more powerful and more present in your language and in your daily practices?

Make the decision to retrain your mind to accept better, more empowered, more positive beliefs about yourself. You have unlimited creativity, and your inner spirit knows this – Just try.

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