A taste of courage

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

By now the most of us have settled into a routine of sorts.

In my home, our body clocks have reset in a manner of speaking and 9am is the new 6am.

I am completely accepting of where we are at, at the moment. If nothing else, this lockdown has taught me more about letting go of all notions of control and it has taught me about the comfort of acceptance, surrender and trust.

For now, this is perhaps the most value I have extracted from lockdown.

I even find that my mind is not drawn as strongly to it's well practiced habit of making it's way to the future; a powerless, impotent future where it is unable to create and transform.

Instead, I find my mind idling at a steady throttle in the present; the powerful and transformative present where endless possibilities can be created.

Somehow I've viscerally learnt something I have been seemingly incapable of learning intellectually for the longest time.

In the present I seek the companionship of courage. Where I do things that are uncomfortable, courage urges me to my next step. My next grappling.

I know and I understand that the world during lockdown holds many challenges. I know and understand that the world after lockdown with be ever more challenging.

I know that courage with myself and with my inner game is paramount to thriving in the lockdown and to thriving beyond this lockdown. A new world is being birthed for so many of us. In times of uncertainty, the possibilities are endless. And what it will take to grab each of our respective share of that possibility is imagination and courage.

Courage is a special relationship with ourselves. It is one in which we are able to grapple with the complexities of not knowing, of shame, guilt, lack & limitation, forgiveness, acceptance, self-belief, confidence, permission, etc. It is a relationship with ourselves in which we grapple with all of these, and move forward in spite of the fears and uncertainties that they surface.

For me, this lockdown has been a profound masterclass in grappling with fear and uncertainty.

It's been a masterclass in doing what is uncomfortable.

It's been a masterclass in courage.

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