All Hail the Mighty Cauliflower 

The humble cauliflower is growing up and blowing up 😂🤣 I joke, but you know what? When I was a kid, the cauliflower was seriously, and I mean seriously underestimated. The cauliflower was like that kid that everyone assumed would amount to nothing, and in the end, he or she becomes the one that the WHOLE family depends on! 💁

The cauliflower was not a big deal contender at either the lunch or the dinner table. It was never invited to the breakfast table! It most certainly was NOT making it's way past being a side dish. If the cauliflower did want focused attention it had to endure being stewed up or curried up ... but that was pretty much it. No one, and I mean no one was excited about the cauliflower...

Except maybe just me. I do love me some cauliflower! 😬 And then cauliflower went up in life. Without prior notice, and without any announcements, it underwent a re-branding process when it partnered up with white sauce ... cauliflower became a hit! Specially requested and even RSVP'd in case those greedy cousins were coming by. But wait, there's more. Not satisfied with it's new game at the table, our now beloved cauliflower reached in deep and found new ways to serve and to delight. With quite a bit of muss and fuss, it experimented it's way through new challenges and broke new barriers. Cauliflower made its mark as a starch free starch... it became rice... who knew? And now it even parades as pizza bases.

Cauliflower has made its way to the truly cool. You are not fancy until you've sampled cauliflower starch!

Who knows what's next on the horizon for our humble but resourceful and resilient cauliflower? As it stands, the humble, now beloved cauliflower's next incarnation is being planned as vegan steak. There are even whispers of it being used for furniture! Who knows whats next?

If you've read this far, I'm seriously impressed 😎 Would love to know what you think the lessons are that the humble, nondescript cauliflower is teaching us? 💁‍♀️😍

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