Anxious and Overwhelmed? Transcend the Grind and Thrive.

Do you struggle with feeling scattered and overwhelmed?

If you've ever experienced overwhelm, you will know that its impact can be astonishing.

Overwhelm has had a debilitating impact on my confidence and my self-belief. In Overwhelm's clutches, I thought something was fundamentally wrong with me.

Was I incompetent?

What precisely was it that I might be incompetent at if I was historically able to do what I was meant to do?

Have I lost the ability to learn how to do new things?

I was busy ALL the time. Good grief, why was I not getting anything done? HOW was I not getting stuff done?

My mind was a whirlwind of tumbleweed. I felt unsettled and unrooted. Scattered! I simply could not get my ducks in a row and days, weeks and sometimes even months would pass, with me wondering what he heck I had actually achieved and why I couldn't get myself to function even at the most basic level. I felt like I had forgotten the ABC's of the language of life.

At its worst, this overwhelm not only disoriented me, it filled me with feelings of shame and an almost constant sense of dread. Shame that I had lost my ability to do seemingly simple things and shame that keeping my word was now a noose from which I could find little to no escape. And dread because I feared that this was the way it would now be. Dread because this is who I was now.

The dread was there all the time. Like white noise, it just became part of the way things were, so much so that I stopped consciously noticing it and had started to subconsciously accommodate it by shrinking away from my goals and dreams for myself, my business, and my family. I started to actively play small, ensuring that I kept life's risks, big or small at bay. I accommodated the dread by no longer being me.

Maybe this sounds a tad melodramatic. Tragically, my story is not uncommon.

Overwhelm descends on us without invitation. And without announcement. It is a stealth ninja! Once it's lodged itself into your life, you know it by the paralysis that sets in, leaving you unable to make choices and also leaving you virtually incapable of moving forward. While it strips you of your confidence and self-belief it, it also does its very best to relieve you of your self-respect and your sense of self-worth.

Overwhelm is a heavy, disorienting force that stops you from accomplishing what you want to in your life and in the world. And it stops you from being You.

What I've learnt though is that overwhelm is not something that happens to you.

It’s something you create. This may sound harsh. But think about it. If you are your overwhelm's creator, you can recreate it, destroy it or re-purpose it. You can overcome overwhelm, and I want to show you how.

I would be lying if I told you that I have kicked overwhelm's hiney for good. It still sneaks up on me. BUT, now, I am quick to recognise it and swift to evict it. I've learnt how to free myself of overwhelm using both science and common sense.

Join me for the session, Anxious and Overwhelmed? Transcend the Grind and Thrive, to learn what you can start doing today to remove overwhelm, anxiety, and confusion from your life and achieve the peace, ease and freedom to crush your to-do list and to get exactly what you want.

In this session, I’ll be teaching you how to:

  • Recognise your brain’s strategies for keeping you stuck.

  • Outsmart your brain with simple practices you can implement immediately.

  • Conquer decision-fatigue and the fear of missing out.

  • Avoid indulgence in overwhelm and procrastination.

  • Think ‘Inside’ the box to free yourself from feeling stuck.

  • Administer self-compassion as the most empowering response to overwhelm

You’ll leave this session with a skill set that will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed in any situation.

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