Be an Askhole


I have gotten most of what I've asked for.

I’m realising that all too frequently, I am not asking enough and that when I do, I may be setting the bar too low; that I am holding myself back.

Have I been disappointed? Sure. Sometime, more frequently than others.

But, when I am, I learn something valuable and I can refine my ask.

Sometimes though, my inner chatter gets in the way. This is when I don’t accomplish what I want to. This is when I don’t take the steps needed to move me in the direction of my quests.

Of course, it's less about the potential response and more about the story that lives in my mind.

There is enormous power in asking for what you want. Enormous!!!!

We get kept removed from our yearnings by the smoke and mirrors of our inner chatter. So much of it are just patent lies.

I’ve come to see over time that the best of the best, those who live glorious lives, are full blown askholes - they ask like crazy! They understand that it’s a habit that must be polished and refined, and, like any skill, the more you do it, the better you get at it.

They ask; for support, for access, for understanding, for a break, for something they want in a store, or that is not on the menu at their favourite restaurant.

Because they ask more, the get more.

Nothing happens until you ask. People are not mind readers. They need to know what’s meaningful to you, and if you ask nicely, they just might say yes. Of course its up to them to say no.

Even the Universe want to help you; it’s just waiting for you to clear out the mixed signals and put in an ask that it can work with.

Be an Askhole.

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