Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Our boundaries give us our identity. When our boundaries collapse, we endure life's experience at the whims of others. Their wishes, their commands, their expectations dictate our days, and our emotions and they drive our focus and energy away from ourselves and our own needs.

Our self agenda gets lost in our compliance and capitulation and in time we become lost to ourselves. With no fuel to create our wholeness, we become barren, empty husks depleted of drive and potential.

Conversely, too rigid boundaries leave us lonely and isolated. Rapunzels trapped in the towering fortresses of our minds shielding us from life's boogeymen, be they real or imagined.

Healthy boundaries are neither completely fluid nor rigid. They reflect our values, our needs, and our priorities. They give us access to others and healthy boundaries give others access to us in a way that does not deplete us and that does not distract us from our priorities and our agenda.

Our boundaries ultimately reflect our power as we relate to others and to the circumstances we find ourselves in. That reflection of our power tells the world and ourselves who we are. If you are feeling challenged in your personal power and in the protection of your boundaries, let's chat. You can reach out here or find me at .

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