But do I have to shower? - Day 15

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

When I made my acquaintance with the day, I was unsure of her name. Was it Thursday? Or Friday? Maybe Saturday? It can't be Saturday ... the kids had had their class. Other than that, I had no clue. I tried very hard to orientate myself, but I couldn't recover any points of reference to anchor myself in the week. I wasn't even in my room?

Slowly I remembered that Ghaalieb had fumigated our room. We were camping.

Eventually, with a bit of help from Amaanah, I realized that it's Friday. It's Jummua. It was 11:30 and I had to scramble and get sorted out. Instead, Adam joined Amaanah with me in bed. Adam was a silly monkey. He was feeling playful. So we played. Ghaalieb had stepped out to deliver to our retailers and returned just about then. The four of us fooled around. That was lovely. We don't get to do that much anymore with Amaanah. She was full of riddles and interesting facts, and stories. Apparently female hyenas genitalia appear a lot like male genitalia. Who knew? And she was bursting with smiles and giggles. And she was easy going. That's not an everyday thing with her anymore. She misses her BFF. She wants the school to organize kids into groups of 5 in each class. Once they're organized into their groups, they should go to school on rotation. If each rotation goes to school for 3 hours, they can do 3 rotations per day! That way she can go to school more than once a week! Enough social distance. Enough school. Problem solved!

We got on with things and eventually made breakfast at 14h30. When I say 'we', I mean Ghaalieb and Adam. That was a nice change of pace. Without any clear plans for anything, time just past. Adam came to find me, and he hugged and kissed and hugged and kissed and wanted to play. He was less like my son and more like my pet. I was getting this much attention ONLY because his father had nodded off to sleep. Adam's beautiful eyes were sparkling with glee and mischievousness, and he was irresistible. So again we played. My pet and I. I tickled him, I chased him, I sat on him. He laughed and shrieked with gay abandon. This was better than xbox. I was having so much fun as well! And then, his phone rang. And just like that, he was done with me. As a mom, I felt deflated. As a student of life, I was delighted to bear witness to his emergence as an autonomous young man. These moments in which he and his sister are completely separate from me and from Ghaalieb are happening more and more frequently now. Soon we will be just a part of their lives. Part of the cast. No longer part of the production team in the choreography of their lives. How do we slow this down? Can we even do that, or would any attempt to do this be equivalent to farting against thunder?

At about 17h20 Ghaalieb emerged, rested and refreshed. He was mortified to find me still in PJ's. Yesterday I had also been in PJ's till just before sunset. He started harassing me to shower. I protested that I had become a pajamapreneur as of yesterday... What's a pajamapreneur without pajamas? To annoy him, I started waving my stinky armpits under his nose. I vowed that I was not going to shower until tomorrow. Too much information? But hey, it's lockdown. What does my chommie, Waseef, say? 'Is fokkol. Is festif'. So its fokkol. It's lockdown. TMI rules don't apply. So I tortured Ghaalieb with smelly armpits and bad breath. And I annoyed him and annoyed him, and annoyed him to my heart's delight. If there is something that makes me endlessly happy, it's annoying Ghaalieb.

I capitulated eventually, just as evening prayers arrived. To be really honest, I felt great after I showered.

At about 7 Ghaalieb went to visit his mom. His sisters and brother were all there. We popped in for the visit, but it was their jam. They were laughing and having scandalous fun. I loved hearing their joy. They spoke about food. A lot. They teased each other. They were together. Distance and separateness had collapsed. It was beautiful. After 8, I started making lunch. Mutton curry. We haven't had a curry in ages. Had we had curry during the lockdown? I couldn't remember? I'd have to browse through the Covid Chronicles to see.

Once everything was in the pot simmering away and making each other's acquaintance, I started doing the house cleaning. Everything was done after 10. In between Adam made us popcorn. It was the oiliest, soggiest popcorn I've ever had, but hey, the lad made it with good intentions. This is the first thing he has made us since lockdown! I just realised that. He has some catching up to do!

Instead of digging into the curry, we all snacked. I grabbed the tv. Ghaalieb watched movies in the study after he parted ways with La Familia. Adam played and Amaanah vanished into her room. Supper for me was lays chips, coke and a two day old stale doughnut.

The mutton curry will be breakfast.

I've started watching Money Heist. It promises to be good, but I'm not so sure. It's boring AF. I'll endure, maybe it will grow onto me. Maybe something interesting will actually happen. I'll try 2 more episodes, and we'll see.

I'm just glad we're not camping tonight. It's almost midnight but my body thinks it might be 8-ish.

Let's see how Money Heist goes. Who knows when I'll sleep?

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