Captains Log - Day 2

A gentle day. That's how I would describe day 2. I woke up coughing. The coughing was followed by radio silence. For a few moments, I went offline. No thoughts. Just static. As I came back online I was flooded with panic. What kind of couch was it? Was it wet? Was it dry? What about my throat? Was it sore? I was sure it was sore. I wasn't sure. How the hell do I get tested? The kids? Adam gets bronchitis with the slightest cold. What if I've infected him? Then I was overcome by a wet, snotty sneezing fit. My cough became phlegmy. Relief. Hopefully, I'm not reaching 🙏🏼 We lounged around for the better part of the morning, only getting on with things around midday. Then Ghaalieb sprang into action. Like a crazy beast. He got to mowing the the lawn. I tried feeding him but he was in rapture! He mowed and mowed and mowed.

And then he roped the kids in. It turned out that today was gonna be gardening day. Who knew? It was good though. Hit the kids outside and busy moving and learning.

They also learned how to change plugs. That's pretty nifty. As I type this, they're setting up a tv and a tv box. Until now, we've ever only had one TV. The other was never connected. With all of us at home for such a long time though, and with the kids xboxing, it's a bit easier on us with an additional tv. It has to come down when all this is over. My thoughts have been wandering to control. Covid 19 is revealing this concept of control to be nothing more than a mirage. A deceit. A fool's errand. It robs us of trust. It takes from us our faith. We think we have control, but in an instant, we are without control. We are guaranteed nothing. And yet in all this uncertainty so much is possible. If we will just let it be. If we will allow it. If we will give ourselves permission to be open to what can emerge. We are being invited to release control. We are being invited to open ourselves to trust. We're being invited to open ourselves to surrender. We are being invited to embrace faith. Covid 19, the gift. I think of the day's gardening zeal. I go a bit on the fritz when. The garden is overgrown. Even a bit overgrown. And of course, we're without gardening service for the 3 weeks of lockdown. And then we are so very incredibly lucky. The garden services guys drops off a lawnmower and trimmer the day before lockdown. How amazing is that! It has never mattered what's come up for us. No matter how tough, something always comes up and collapses whatever problem or calamity has come our way. Even if that something is nothing more than acceptance and ease. We are so blessed. Always. Talking about blessings, we had a nice yield from the avo tree.

Picture attached to make you lus. I do hope that we will grow more of our own food as a result of this. The shops are able to take advantage of people purely because we have forgotten how much we can actually do for ourselves. Anyway, we did Chinese last night. We don't often to Chinese, so we really enjoyed it. The kids did the whole corona/china stereotype. I resisted the urge to correct them and just let it pass. I think that was a good call. I hope it was a good call. Instead, we turned our attention to the week ahead. Have to get back onto school and madrassa mode. I wonder what the prospects are for going back to school after Easter? I won't complain about having them at home. They've been really easy, but it's not good. Kids thrive around kids. They grow in ways that that is about more than just the curriculum. So we've agreed to 2 worksheets a day. Let's hope they don't test the boundaries of compliance with their agreements too much 🙏🏼

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