Career Conundrum

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

‘This job sucks!’ ‘I don’t know why I put up with this!’ ‘I don’t feel like I am growing anymore!’ ‘This great opportunity came up, I don’t know if I should take it’. Maybe I should hold onto this job, I just don’t know how I will cope!’

Sound familiar?

These are just a few of the thoughts my clients share with me at first. Very rarely though are the raging debates they’re having with themselves dealing with whats really happening for them and they come to me because they’ve been looping in the same pattern over and over, never quite achieving the results they yearn for.

For most of us certainty trumps uncertainty in any situation, no matter how bad the situation. Making career decisions are no different and contemplating a change of job can be excruciating and torturous. The devil we know is the devil we know and the better we know it, the better we can handle it. Or so the thinking goes….

In life, there are really ever 3 options available to you in any situation. You can accept something, walk away from it or change it. That’s pretty much it! Decisions about your job are exactly the same.  More often than not, we think we have no options and feel stuck, gazing drearily into a lacklustre future of submission and disappointment.  Other times we feel that there are too many options creating a tornado in your head throwing the debris of indecision all over your life! When this is the chaos you’re dealing with, changing jobs is unlikely to be from an empowered place and is most probably no more than a leap of faith, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best…. which it rarely is.

When you’re wrestling a tornado, it helps to go to a neutral place from which you can make decisions that will help you to achieve the bigger picture you have for your life. Bruce Hazen’s 3 Career Questions tool is massively useful in helping you get to neutral and finding clarity and direction for what to do next; whether its about a change in job, a particular workplace situation; or whether its about your career as a whole.

This tool will help you establish a baseline for where you are today, and will provide clues about what your next best steps could be. Each option has its own focus and strategies.  The 3 Career Question tool ensures that you apply the most appropriate course of action for your situation.

Check a total of any twelve (12) questions that are similar to the thoughts and questions you’ve been asking yourself about your job or work situation. See which column has the highest number of checkmarks. Then, see the bottom of the table to determine which of the Three Career Questions capture the career challenge that’s on your mind. Don’t look at the bottom first.

Your 3 Career Options

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