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Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Our jobs and careers enormously contribute to how we experience our lives in general. Sometimes it feels as though our jobs are sending us over the edge of a cliff. That’s not a great way to spend such a significant chunk of our time. The things is that we ALWAYS have options, and if you are unsure of where your career is headed or what your dream job looks like, you have a few options you can pursue.

You could

  1. suffer in silence and endure a job that is just not making  you leap out of bed, or,

  2. you could cross your fingers in the hope that your dream job or promotion drops you’re your lap, or

  3. You can take a deliberate approach to your career and take control of your growth, your progress and ultimately, your destiny.

I’m really, really, REALLY hoping you chose option 3. It is THE most empowered option you could go for. If option 3 is your jam, join me to find out how to design your unique career framework for a successful and fulfilling career.

You’ll learn about the critical concepts to consider as you make your next move or plan for your dream career and get targeted exercises to help you discover what your ideal is for each of those concepts.

Stop waiting for your career to happen to you and take charge of the direction of your career. I will help you design a framework you can use as you plan your next move or decide what you need to get done to achieve your ideal career. You’ll walk away with exercises that will help you determine what that ideal career looks like and an understanding of how to use the framework to guide your career.

Your career is a massive chunk of your life, so if you are not thriving in your career, you will not thrive in your life.

What we’ll cover

  1. Why a framework for your career is better than a career path

  2. The five core concepts that make up your framework

  3. How to define the core concepts so they work for you in the long term

  4. Exercises for each concept to design your framework

As a bonus you will receive

  1. Q&A with Me, Safiyyah Boolay

  2. Worksheet to help you design your career framework

When: Thursday, 20 September 2018 at 7pm Where:  Online AND ITS FREE!!!!

Don’t miss this webinar – email Safiyyah to receive your link.

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