Clarity is there

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

We all travel through a cycle of clarity and confusion and sometimes the little steps we take toward clarity don't feel like progress. The hangover of confusion still grips us and feels like emotional, mental and spiritual captivity.

This is a feeling I know well.

It's really important to keep moving and connecting inward.

The clarity in truth is there. The reason why it feels hard and heavy is because it's important to you and because you're experiencing some or the other form of resistance.

ONLY by remaining present and remaining in motion, however slight, will the resistance relax and will clarity emerge from confusion.

It's such a counter-intuitive game, but it is so incredibly useful in revealing to us the flawed premises from which we launch our lives and dreams.

I'm realising increasingly that I have a belief that creates insane amounts of chaos for me. INSANE AMOUNTS OF CHAOS. I don't think I am unique in this belief. In fact, I think that this belief so universal and so instrumental in holding most of us back from doing what we love, or even approaching things we don't necessarily love in a way that is easy and simple. We tax and stress ourselves with this belief.

I have this idea that for something to have value, it must be hard, difficult, complex, etc. And when things are not hard, difficult and complex, then it must be of little to no value.

It's insane when I say it out loud, but inside my head, it makes bloody perfect sense.

So I am realising that this belief interferes so ridiculously with ay clarity I have. When I know something, and it is plain, simple, fluid and filled with ease, this pesky belief throws a major spanner in the works. What if ... What about ... What are you missing ... Nobody is gonna buy this idea .... and so it goes on.

And then I am stuck and confused and boxed in. And I stop. I don't move forward.

'Move forward anyway' can seem like a simply idea, until it meets the machinery of our minds.

I am learning that more than grit, moving forward requires releasing the resistance within, letting go of beliefs that operate from a misguided sense of service.

I am learning that Self-Compassion lubricates progress more than anything else and eases the grip of resistance.

What about you? Do you have beliefs that render you captive to confusion?

Like me, do you mistake difficulty with value, or am I the only one?

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