Come Dream with Me

You and I are different. No surprises there. And yet, you and I are so similar.

Because we're different and because we are similar, we can be both unique and deeply connected at the same time

You and I have different dreams. Sometimes our dreams are big, and it is immediately apparent that they are lifechanging. Sometimes our dreams are small and intimate. And we underestimate the impact they will have on us.

All our dreams are significant. All our dreams are legitimate, and all our dreams are needed by us and by the world. But, our inner chatter will have us believing differently. Our inner chatter will tell us that our dreams are silly, foolish, insignificant, childish, irrelevant and so on.

And yet, nothing can be further from the truth. The dreams that are brought to our hearts, to our minds, and to our souls are brought to us for many different reasons. They are brought to us to help us to become who we can be. Our dreams are brought to us to help us to step into a version of ourselves that has conquered our upper limits, our fears our worries, our doubts. In moving towards our dreams, we shift the lenses with which we look at the world. We change the lenses with which we perceive ourselves, and in that way, we recreate ourselves, and we recreate the world. We learn to make different choices. We learn to say ´yes´ where otherwise we would say ´no´. We learn to say ´no´ where otherwise we might say ´yes´. We learned to create boundaries where once there were none. We learn to make welcome in our lives, things previously uncontemplated as possibilities for ourselves.

In moving towards our dreams we learn to own our power. We learn to become the sovereign authority in our lives.

In moving towards our dreams, we make the dreams of others possible. BUT, we can only know these things in hindsight. We marvel at serendipity of how the accomplishment of our dreams intersect with the accomplishment of the dreams of others´. We never know this in advance. And so each and every single time we embark on the fulfilment of our dreams we take a leap of faith, and we allow it to take us where it must.

The fulfillment of our dreams is a deeply personal experience, and yet at the same time it's a supremely collective experience. Not fulfilling it comes at a cost to ourselves. Not fulfilling it comes at a cost to others. There are no models and algorithms that can calculate and quantify these costs.

There are many ancient greetings around the world that signifies and celebrates how intertwined our humanness is. With each exchange of these greetings, we are reminded that a part of us; a part of our destiny; resides in the hearts, minds and will of others. With each greeting exchange, we submit to the cosmic truth that ´I am because you


And so, our inter-connectedness is irrevocable; and it is irrevocably attached to the diversity of our essence, experiences, perspectives and dreams.

And so, I celebrate the dreams that dwell in you. I pray for your strength and fortitude to bring them to life

Sawubona. Namaste.

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