Thunder Storm - Day 19

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Today, I was a lockdown traveler. 3 Countries. 2 Timezones. My hometown contributed 3 climates, all by itself.

I've been here in Jozi for 17 years and hail in April is a new experience for me. Between 3pm and 3:15 pm, the sky went from grey to ominous grey to completely dark; as in close the curtains, switch on the lights dark. And then, with a massive crack, the heavens poured its contents on us in a rapid torrent.

Ghaalieb had a hankering for chocolate cake. He dashed out to get some cocoa. He threatened to go out fully shielded. This, my friend, is a pot lid under his hoody.

Boredom makes Ghaalieb entertaining. It's fascinating. Before lockdown, my biggest fear of them all was being imprisoned with him. I feared he might drive me nuts. Even to murder. But lockdown has been bliss. A bliss of discovery. Spending time with him has been fun, entertaining, comforting and homely. Cellmates for life! Lots of reflection going on here. I feel journaling for days coming on.

Amaanah made magic appear. Not just chocolate cake. She made supper too.

I kept pounding my keyboard.

Later, I spent some time celebrating the chocolate cake with my cousin.

I met a lady today. She inspired me. She'll inspire you. Catch her here, you'll see why. Inspiration personified. Happiness understood. Wisdom lived. She made my day. She made my 2020. She doesn't know this of course. I keep remembering, there is more that grows in the garden than the gardener thought he'd planted.

We can't go home to CT. Not for a very special birthday. Not for Eid?

I can't fit it all inside of me.

Day 19 done. I feel done. I feel sore. I feel grateful. I feel a beam of love. I feel confused.

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