Do You Own Your Life?

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

I guess we are all inventions of our own thoughts and imaginations... We become the sum of our thoughts. 'No brainer' you might say. After all, there's barely a day that goes by without one seeing a quote along the lines of 'change your thoughts, change your life'.

If it were that simple, then why are so many of us, especially those of us liking and loving exactly these types of quotes, struggling so much with anxiety, overwhelm, stuckness, and relationships that burn and bruise our hearts and souls? Why are we stuck in jobs and careers that alienate us from ourselves? Why are our businesses the source of so much angst and worry, instead of being the platforms we had envisaged for living our most inspired lives?

Well, partially, it's because knowing something and doing something are different things. Partially its because knowing a little but not enough can be dangerous. Partially it could be because habit is the strongest force on earth. Partially, it's because we are our own worse critics, living in almost permanent judgment of ourselves. Partially, its because the connection to our innermost highest self has become fuzzy and drowned out by the outside noises claiming our attention. Partially, it's because the very thoughts we are meant to change have become so invisible to us, that if they were magically to transcribe themselves on the walls around us, we wouldn't even recognize them as our own. Partially, it's because we have lost sight of the fact that our thoughts are the energetic seeds that sprout the actions we take and the results we experience. Partially, it's because we've forgotten that we are in fact the thinker and we actually CAN recreate our thoughts.

And so, we live existences in which we no longer have our thoughts. Our thoughts have us.

We submit to their power and we forfeit our authority to reshape them and to redirect them and to claim the lives we yearn for from the bleak existences that they have seemingly molded for us.enoughness and to align

Research suggests that we have between 60 000 and 80 000 thoughts per day. 95% are habitual. 80% of them are disempowering, fear-based, scarcity-based, comparative, externally referenced fictions parading as rock-solid truths. Can you picture yourself in a room with these kinds of and these many thoughts?

Can you imagine 60 000 to 80 000 little Oompa Loompas darting around in your consciousness whispering judgemental taunts, poking fun at your hopes, at your dreams, at your values and your heart and soul's greatest yearnings?

You'd be crushed. You are being crushed.

Only as observers of our thoughts can we reclaim our authority as the thinker of our thoughts. As the owner of our lives.

Only as observers and as active thinkers of our thoughts can we discover and claim ownership of their power. Only as active thinkers can we retell the stories about ourselves and can we redirect our narratives to return us to our enoughness and to alignment with our highest intentions, our essential selves, and the vision we have for our lives.

As the conscious, active thinkers of our thoughts, we become the advocates we need in our lives to restore, build and protect our boundaries, such that the diminishment of ourselves no longer has a place in our inner chatter. And as the diminishment of ourselves drop from our inner chatter, they will drop from our lived reality and restore us in the relationships we have with ourselves and with others.

When we evict the nasty Oompa Loompas from our minds and replace them with the voices of our heart and soul, we will recover our inner wisdom and deep compassion for ourselves.

Then our love for ourselves can blossom. Through this love, abundance will unlock within us and bring with it a slew of resources that will right-size the relationships we entertain, be they relationships with people or relationships with ideas and ideals we have for and about our lives.

Yes, creating the thoughts and the inner constructs that serve us can be challenging. They are also exceedingly rewarding. They set us on a path that is bountiful in ways that our conscious minds cannot fathom. They bring us into a relationship with ourselves that is honourable and affirming. Through them, we teach others to be better when they are with us; and if they cannot be better, to instead be apart from us.

If it is your earnest intent to own your life, then you must own your thoughts. Own the inner chatter that shapes and creates your reality. If you are lost for how to do this, give me a shout at and take advantage of my free Clarity Call, in which your can rest your burdens and see the decisions and actions that stand between you and your dreams, and vision, and goals for yourself, your career and your business. Check out the Self-Love Revolution at This programme is best described as First Aid for the Heart, Mind and Soul.

You're entitled to living in a good, healthy relationship with yourself and those around you. If you are not, take action, give yourself the gift of pruning the thoughts that rob you of your ownership of your life. Give yourself the gift of planting the seeds for the thoughts that will serve as the foundation of your highest and most inspired action, and for the fulfilment of the vision you hold for your life, your career and your business.

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