Don't Fake It!

"Fake it until you make it."

I there anyone in this world that has escaped this advice?

I did it. I faked it until I made it. And then, it became the unmaking of me. I faked it by looking for my measures of success externally. I faked it by looking for goals and the strategies to achieve them externally. They all worked.

Except they didn’t actually.

I became the walking embodiment of empty success. A success that felt burdensome and alienating; and stressful.

Very, Very stressful. Every new success was just a new level of charades. A new metal with which to armour myself.

I faked it so well that one day I found myself walking through life in a hazmat suit, as if just being myself, in pursuit of what matters to me most might kill me.

All growth requires a leap of faith. A step into the unknown.

There is a wisdom within you. Ask it to lead you, and it will awaken; and it will serve you.

Learn the tactics and strategies others are able to teach you.

But, for the love of ALL that is Sacred, hold on dearly to all that you are. Pay attention to the callings that come from within you. Observe the guidance that your Soul is beckoning you to. Take heed of these callings and nudges from the yet unknown You.

And then, Faith it until you make.

Trust the journey that is yours and remain true to the convictions that keep you in tact and connected to your everlasting self. You are innately Unique. You have your own recipes, formulas and secret sauces.

There is no need to dim your shine behind the ill-fitting masks that come from the conformity promised in Fake it till you Make it.

“If the path before you is clear, you are probably on someone else’s” Joseph Campbell

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