Every Beginning Demands it's own Endings

This one is a biggie. In these past few months, this is one of those obvious 'duh' things that has rocked the boat for me. BIG TIME. BIG TIME.

I mentioned this already...but I'll mention it again. BIG FREAKING TIME!

I've always known that mindset is the game-changer. It's the magical alchemy that smashes doors wide open and that transforms challenges into opportunity. Mindset is also the poison that entombs brilliant ideas and opportunities in crypts of darkness where it withers away to rot and decay.

Last year, around March hubster and I quite spontaneously started a business. No thinking was involved. It was a spur of the moment craving that quite literally had me reaching for the phone and ordering a volume of goodies form Cape Town that no single household could consume in a year!

We've missed our favourite foods and treats from our Capetonian childhoods. And so, with these goodies en route to Jozi we were in a quandary and approached stores that catered to the Cape Malay palate to stock them.

And thus Lekkerstuff was born. It was a stretch for both of us! The rules for Lekkerstuff are simple: we fill its inventory ONLY with things we LOVE and can represent with pride and childlike delight and we source from home-based businesses where our involvement can make a real difference in the lives of the business owner. (This allows my coach-self to come out to play)

I still marvel at the ease and obviousness with which these guiding principles leapt out at us. [I guess this is what inspired action feels like]

Hubster and I both had to learn to do things that were awkward and uncomfortable. Not because they were difficult, but because they challenged both of our senses of WHO we are.

I'll be honest, promoting our products at market days mortified me at first. I'd be downright embarrassed in fact. But we went with the flow and now, a year later, we have a following. It's those very market days that mortified me so desperately that taught us HOW to represent and sell our products and WHAT to add to our product line to expand our offerings. It got our names out there and got us into stores we could never imagine being in. And it became PRETTY FUN! [How fascinating!]

We learn't things about business that corporate could never teach us. And we learn't how to marry these things with the knowledge and experience that corporate DID teach us. Magic!

Later last year another frontier in my mind crashed wide open. Despite countless requests, I cannot describe to you the resistance I've had to providing cooked meals. It was a NO-NO. I stubbornly objected to every single suggestion that I should provide cooked meals. I couldn't and I wouldn't see myself that way. I mean...are they nuts! For heaven's sake, I'm a bloody coach! How badly did they want me to damage my brand! No-one would take me seriously!

All that said, we had one product that wasn't moving well, even though I believed it was the bees knees! It is a butter chicken spice mix that is uber delish, flop proof, and easy-peasy. In a moment that I can only describe as inspired, I decided to cook it at a market day so that people could see how easily you could go from raw ingredients to a beautiful butter chicken in 15 minutes and of course they could taste its tantalising beauty for themselves.

We offered tasters together with our brand of rootis and we quite literally created a stampede! My poor husband kept having to run to the nearest store to get more ingredients. We couldn't keep up! We made a killing!

Still, I resisted the calling. It was a one-off NEVER to be repeated.

Towards the end of last year, I wanted to do 2 coaching programmes to improve my coaching skills and to improve my business approach. Both came with a hefty dollar price tag. One of them could buy me a pretty cool car!

I didn't have the bucks, but the yearning to do these programmes was strong, as in STRONG! So, with hubby's help, we started selling butter chicken once a week. Again, the mental and emotional processes I underwent challenged me.

My sense of self, my identity, was in crisis. My resistances lingered and the challenge to my sense of identity was so strong, I started to experience the worst insomnia of my life! I know this may sound silly. But our attachments to our sense of self is powerful and consumes us in ways and at depths that's so all-encompassing and intricate, that if we start doing things that are at odds with it, we quite literally find ourselves at war with ourselves.

Again, doing the butter chicken thing wasn't hard. The procurement, production and sale involved are all deadbeat easy! What was hard was my relationship with doing it,

and it was this that had created countless implosions within me on an almost daily basis.

I took to journaling to quell my anxieties, my stress, my overwhelm, and the disconnect that had settled into me. It helped me to work with what felt like a brokenness that was ripping me wide open. It helped me to renavigate my stories to a place where they served me rather than hindered and broke me. Together with the coaching programmes, my journaling brought me to a new and refreshing relationship with myself.

The doors to who I am, who I could be, what I do, and what I could do were flung wide open.

I started to feel the grip of an old identity release its stranglehold over me and make space for a new, entrepreneurial version of me to emerge.

My energy shifted. It dawned on me, that to make space for a new version of me, the old one had to perish. Like a caterpillar, it had to be pulverised from within in order for the butterfly to emerge. The old version could be no more than a point of reference, a source of information. This process was uncomfortable...OMG...was it uncomfortable!

BUT this new version of me is inspiring, an adventurer who is viscerally learning that all things are possible. This new version of me looks at the frontiers of the mind like an athlete looks at hurdles in a 200m sprint. It's doable! Train for it and fly over it!

Now, the butter chicken once a week is blossoming into a substantial business within Lekkerstuff. I mean, it's a machine! It has its own processes, procedures, and team, and has now opened the doors for yet other opportunities.

Trying new things isn't what is hard. It's the locks, the bolts, and the security gates and doors that shackle our minds that keep us from trying new things. The stories we tell ourselves and the identities we cling to hold us from the bright new futures that beckon us.

If you're feeling stuck, and unable to reach past the barriers in your mind, please give me a shout. I'd love to help you make your potential your reality. For a free, no strings attached Discovery Call, you can reach me here or at safiyyah@newhabits.co.za. If you're looking for a way to discover your stories...the ones that are holding you back, I'd love to extend an invitation to you to join my programme, the Self - Love Revolution. It's a 6- week programme that I can only describe as first aid for the heart, mind, and soul To check it out, the link is https://www.newhabits.co.za/copy-of-the-self-love-revolution

I simply cannot wait to hear from you and to help you

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