Get Rejected

Moving in the direction of our purpose and our genius is something that our hearts and souls yearn for. And yet, moment you move toward purpose, its like an epic battle cracks wide open, in which your heart & soul and your brain go toe-to-toe.

Your heart and soul are rich with hope and see infinite possibility. You brain is practised in diffusing hope.

It is smart enough to avoid saying 'NO'. Instead, it hauls out a whole other bag of tricks:

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Perfectionism

  • Mindless Busyness and Buffering we like to call Overwhelm

  • The ever famous Procrastination

  • And then there is the numbing out that comes with Burnout.

And so your attention goes everywhere but in the direction of your purpose and genius.

Everywhere but the direction of your heart and soul.

And time passes and you feel deflated and you lament the actions not taken.

I say 'you'. But I mean 'me'.

Maybe this is true for you? I know it is for me.

Purpose and genius is not without risk. More often the risk is the risks of the mind ... the disappointment, the rejection, the losses ... contrived or real.

When you pursue your purpose, when you step into your genius, when you live your brand, when you go where your heart wants to lead you, your brain does what it can to stop you.

Being rejected is one of the biggest roadblocks it will throw at you.

So when this fear comes up, learn to breathe deep and go for it!

Putting yourself out there will result in rejections and dismissals.

Its worth it.

There are people who will see you.

They will embrace you.

And they will champion you.

The no's matter.

They are part of the path to your yeses

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