I’m Creative After All

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Some time back though, I discovered new possibilities for what creativity could be for me. And in the last week or two I’ve launched into an explosion of creativity. I sauntered into the online world with the same nervousness as one would embark on inter-planetary travel; quite convinced that I would destroy something and simultaneously bracing myself for online extermination.

As it happens, I broke nothing. Instead, I created a few things, each one with progressively more confidence than the last. I’ve conquered nothing [yet], and I’m still not a native in this strange world of apps and platforms and other thingy’s whose names I neither know nor understand. But I do declare that I am in this world to stay!

It all started with a bit of help from my friend, Waseef, over at Wingman Communications. He gave me my first, not-so-gentle shove; and then, armed with a beginner’s mindset I’ve been merrily frolicking in these strange meadows of app based EVERYTHING! I’ve launched into a new place of discovery and learning, happily sacrificing sleep to explore the next new thing and to stand back and revel in my newly found skills.

All prior learning, knowledge, understanding, discipline and intelligence went with me on this journey. We’ve just been joined by a new companion. Our new companion brings risk, excitement, courage, high levels of enjoyment, and dare I say ‘happiness’ along for the ride. And suddenly, new paths beckon and I am ready.

So I AM creative after all. I’ve no idea what this means I’ll be capable of doing and offering 6 months from now. For now I litter your time line with some samples of my creativity. I hope they will add value to you somehow as I offer them from my heart to yours.

Let me be off now to slip into my first filmy, flowing gown.

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