I'm so over Perfectionism. Aren't You?

I feel so ready to look perfectionism squarely in the eye and telling it to flippen piss off!

Perfectionism is nothing more than the shadowy monster of our mind trying it's best to keep us off our game and wreaking havoc with our potential and with our contributions and our destiny.

Perfectionism is no more than a craving for a way things 'ought' to be. A fantasy. Except reality never matches up to fantasy. How could it? After all fantasy isn't constrained by stuff like gravity and fallibility and life.

Perfection in reality is nothing more than a feeling. It's a feeling of acceptance and appreciation for what is and for what is in that very moment. It's a place of beautiful equilibrium where nothing needs to be added and nothing needs to be taken away. It's a feeling of gratitude and of celebration. Perfection is really nothing more than a perspective.

Perfectionism on the other hand, is a telling sign that something is out of kilter in your relationship with self.

Over the last two years I've taken my mission to overcome perfectionism to deeper levels, earnestly and conscientiously applying new awareness and awakenings.

  • It's been practiced solitude and immersion in discomfort.

  • It's been about learning to resist the ever ready self-criticism and condemnation.

  • It's been a return to belief that I was chosen to be here. It's been about nursing old and invisible wounds.

  • It's been about forgiveness. Lots and lots of forgiveness.

  • It's been about learning to celebrate. Goodness knows, this is tough stuff!

  • It's been about stepping away from endless facades.

  • It's been about rummaging through the masks to find that self that has the power to combat the fears and the insecurities that inevitably arise.

  • It's been about learning that that self is there. Waiting patiently to serve. And that she's called 'Trust'.

  • It's been about keeping a steady gaze on what is possible as opposed to being consumed by what could go wrong.

  • It's about moving from black & white towards colour and options.

  • It's been about committing to choicefulness instead of committing to self-doubt.

  • It's been about committing to dreaming big again. On the regular.

  • It's been about countless micro transformations that's finally bringing me to a place where I can feel my perfectionism easing its stranglehold over my throat.

If perfectionism is something you struggle with, know this: it's a trick. It's an illusion. Inasmuch as it jacks up your stress levels and dilutes your impact and your happiness and enjoyment of life, it is something that you can conquer and leave behind.

It takes work. But it can be done.

Ask me. 💜🖤

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