I need a Berocca - Day 11

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

I had every intention of starting my day at 6. An hour for journaling, meditation and sipping on tea in the silence of a quiet morning. But my morning sleep was something else. I got dragged into a deep sleep that survived two separate alarms. As much as I had wanted to awaken, sleep dragged my like a firm ocean undercurrent. I yielded to nature's pull and it was 8-ish when I was finally resurrected. Even then, it took every ounce of willpower I had to swing my feet to the ground. Lockdown sleep sure is good! Ghaalieb was missing in action and Adam was my solitary companion. I've no idea when he climbed into bed with us, but I love that he still does. People say that I must cherish it because it will come to an end soon. I think he is like his dad though. A cuddler for life. I do cherish it, even with his dragon breath. I might be venturing into TMI now, but our favourite morning game is to blow at each other. Adam always wins. Amaanah is of course above all of this and just judges us as if we are rabid lunatics. I left the boy in peace this morning until 9. We prepped their school stuff for the week, and then and valiantly tried to wake them for their madressa classes. Jeepers creepers, that took doing! One would swear these kids go out for some heavy partying during the night. Thankfully, we got them seated just in time for the start of their class. During their classes, Ghaalieb and I got stuck into our own stuff. I was quite nervous about the school work. But it turned out to be for nought. They took to it eagerly. And as Ghaalieb and I started doing the house cleaning, they school worked even harder! I think I saw smoke coming out of their ears. Poor babies. We roped them in nonetheless. Waste. Of. Time. I redid everything they did! They don't know this; but hell's bells! This was some of the shoddiest workmanship I've seen in a long time! In all seriousness though, they enjoyed their schoolwork, and I am glad for it. Even Adam. And I must confess, this came as a surprise to. Having said that, I really do have to check up on his work...just to make sure that he is not conning us. After the housecleaning was done I was knackered. My delicate constitution is not meant for this. From the earliest age, I would engineer things to avoid house cleaning. If you want to see me get moody, make me do dishes 3 times a day.

I. Can't. Deal. We did some deep cleaning today, and after a shower I felt myself fade. I had loads to do, including preparing for my online session tomorrow. I fantasized about having berocca on a drip. And oxygen. Instead, I begged Amaanah to rescue me. Nurse Amaanah loaded me up on a tall ice-cold glass of Berocca and sat me down in front of the tv. Apparently lying down was not an option for me. I've no idea what we were watching, but it was bad. So bad in fact, that it hastened my return to my laptop. In a gentle compromise with myself, I continued working from the comfort of my bed. I continued there until my Monday classes started at 18:30. I was keeping my fingers crossed that I would not have to contribute too much. Besides the fact that I was taking the class from bed, I was also being spoilt. My supper was brought to me. And my tea. And my biscuits. I felt super special! Thankfully, I wasn't required to participate too much and I could listen and learn from a place of comfort. I picked up a few gems for the session I am offering tomorrow. By the way, if you are feeling disconnected from your vision for yourself, do check out my session 'Connect with your Vision'. You'll find it among the blog posts and on this link: https://www.newhabits.co.za/post/connecting-with-your-vision-tuesday-7-april-11-00-13-00

Something very fantastical happened today, somewhere between fading and setting myself up in bed. If you've been reading my lockdown posts, you will know that my compliance with lockdown regulations and the resulting inertia and playing housy-housy is wearing a bit heavily on me. I feel a lack of contribution; and I have been praying that I can do something to help. In fact, Connect to Your Vision is one of two online sessions I am offering, borne of that desire to contribute. Today, I was messaged by a man who is involved at a senior level at one of the bigger volunteer and relief organisations in the country. I only ever met him once in a workshop I had run for the BMF years ago. In a brief aside, I extended an offer to help and to share my knowledge and craft with whoever needed it in the organisation under his stewardship. That was years ago. Today, out of the blue, he contacted me. 'Could I help?' We'll iron out the details tomorrow and in the days to come. In this brief moment, my soul sprung back to life and my life-force surged with pulses of excitement. It turns out that what I wanted, wanted me as well. I simply had to ask sincerely enough. I bid you farewell with a happy and humble heart, and with this short poem by Rumi.

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