If not now, then when?

Here Be Dragons

“The re-invention of daily life means marching off our maps.”

In many ways, nothing has changed, and we remain on high alert, watching out for the dragons. Except, the dragons that draw the perimeters of our maps today are the dark shadows of fear that lurk within us. Our careers and our happiest lives are just outside our grasp because we are somehow persuaded by our very, very creative imaginations that something ominous may be lurking on the other side of our choice to embark on an adventure towards our hope and dreams. And so, we stay put!

Fear can be debilitating, but knowing and understanding your fear is the first step to facing and overcoming it.  Whenever you want to grow or take on any change in your career, or any aspect of your life, there will be a voice in your head that will work to the point of exhaustion to stop you in your tracks.

What you have to figure out quite quickly is whether your fear is real or whether your mind is playing tricks on you. So, unless you’re a trained pilot, no one is going to hire you to fly planes. That’s a real limitation. It is however, no more than a perception that you cannot qualify as a pilot well after you’ve exited your mid-thirties. Could there be challenges? Yes! Could you overcome them? Absolutely!

Once you know and understand your fear, you can determine what is real and what is assumed and what it is that is truly holding you back. Avoiding your fear will not help to resolve it. On the contrary, it will only set you up for a life of regret.

There is NO POINT in avoiding it. At some point, you will be thrust out of your inaction, AKA your ‘comfort zone’. All growth and all change involves a leap of faith. Yet, with some research and with some strategic planning you can reduce the anxiety and move in the direction of your hopes and dreams. You are entitled to a career of purpose, meaning and fulfillment. What will it take for you take that leap of faith and create that career and life you so desperately yearn for?

Inevitably, your stuckness and your worries revolve around the issues listed below. There are things you can do about EACH and EVERY one of them.  Just create the space and the focus to work through and to work with your concerns and little by little, your fears WILL dissipate and make space for growth and opportunities you cannot even begin to anticipate or imagine.

  1. You are unsure what is driving your dissatisfaction in your current career situation. Unhappy at work? Find out why.

Quiz - Unhappy at work

  1. Lack of motivation

The Power of Choice

  1. Limiting beliefs about your ability to find something that works for you

Limiting Beliefs

  1. Frustration and anger about a career change that has been forced on you

Finding your Career Change Motivation

  1. Lack of time. Time is a function of priorities and boundaries. The Not-to-Do List Printable is a great place to start reclaiming your time.

The Not-To-Do List

  1. Lack of money or unwillingness to take a decrease in salary or to retrain

The Money Question

  1. Family and/or friends questioning your change.

Try the resources and remember that in all of life, our biggest transformations are often the result of a single decision. And if you’ve ever contemplated a career change, or tried to create a career path that excites you, ask yourself the question: ‘If not now, then when?’

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