It is ALWAYS Now o'Clock

It is never not now.

Right now.

Not 5 minutes from now.

Not 2 hours, 4 days or 6 weeks from now.


Yet, our sneaky minds will have us believe something else. Ruminating? Your mind is trying to travel back in time. Anxious and overwhelmed? Your mind is trying to steer the time machine to an imaginary tomorrow.

Want to change your life? BE HERE NOW.

Living in the moment means that you don't burden your mind with worries, or your heart with pain.

Worry about the future and regrets about the past only spoil the present moment. It creates NO VALUE. NONE. NADA. ZILCH.

We spend so much of our mental and emotional energy preoccupied about things that may never come to pass, or obsessing about a past that we cannot change.

Every moment we step away from NOW, we become our own oppressors.

We strip away our power; our innate agency. We strip ourselves of our inner-authority, our influence, our responsibility, our accountability, our vision for ourselves.

These, NOW are the seeds of our most coveted tomorrow.

Learn from the past. Be prepared for tomorrow.

BE NOW. BE HERE. It's NOW-o'clock

If feeling stuck, panicked, overwhelmed and stressed out is your normal, and if you are ready to change your life to one of purposefulness, meaning and deep connection with yourself, take advantage of my complimentary clarity session

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