It's raining, it's pouring, Ghaalieb is snoring - Day 7

I wanted to sleep longer...about two hours more but I had to get the kids up. It wasn't so much that I was tired. It's that it was cold, wet, gray, drizzly morning. Perfect for laying in, snoozing and cuddles. Ghaalieb wasn't budging. His 'not-so' gentle snores protested his commitment to sleep. So I guessed I was on duty. At 9 the kids were still dead to the world. A jack-hammer under their beds would leave them undisturbed. I just don't get it? When they have to be up for school, they sleep as if they're in an induced coma. Come weekends, they're up and rummaging through the kitchen just about as the sun rises. I guess this is the eternal conundrum that boggles parental minds across the globe. Not much happened today. Then again, not much has happened on any day thus far. It's the absence of freedom of movement that has inspired my imagination and created adventure where in fact there has been nothing more than pedestrian and mundane tasks at hand. Hmmm.... Do I detect a hint of cynicism there? Need to keep an eye on that. The mindset might need a reset. The weather had us all in hibernation mode. It became progressively colder as the morning wore on. While the kids were in their online madressa class, Ghaalieb and I were entertained with a word game with some friends on a group chat. After madressa the men of the house cuddled, each transported to the universes conjured on their respective devices. The girl child burrowed deep under her blankets until hunger eventually drove her to the kitchen well after midday.

I welcomed the silence of the day. I breathed deeper and I could feel the wavelengths in my brain drop to slower, deeper waves. If I were to describe the day in our household today, I would describe it by absence. Absence of noise; gaming noise, tv noise, fighting over the tv noise, mediation over chores noise. Absence of activity: house cleaning, chores, endless cooking and snack making and snack eating activities. While everyone grabbed a bit of additional sleep, I fooled around on my PC. I was inspired to create 2 sessions to help my fellow inmates across the country, maybe even the globe. I imagine that as debit orders go off, as rent and home loan repayments fall due, as kids fall behind with school work, as household food supplies drop, as collections calls are anticipated, the worries will mount. Small business owners, home-based business owners and people who are employed in small to medium businesses are already counting the costs of each and every single day of lockdown. With no insulation, the pressure within must be mounting, and with pressure within mounting, pressure among couples and household members must be mounting exponentially. Maybe not? My intuition tells me that it is and that I can help. So I've created two sessions to help people in the best ways I know how; by building stronger relationships with self and uncovering deeper levels of resourcefulness and resilience. If you're still reading, and if you feel this is for you, please do check it out, I'll drop the links below. If it's for someone you know, please feel free to share. Putting the sessions together was easy. Getting it online and automating some aspects of the enrollment? That was a whole other spiel. Until about 5 months ago, I've harboured a complete block to learning how to do the 'techy' aspects of my business. By sitting with it and taking one single step at a time, and by learning to be patient with myself, I'm discovering new and wonderful ways to facilitate my business. The applications available to small businesses are astonishing. We live in a time where quite literally anything is possible. If we're brave enough to try, and to learn. I re-did the first one 5 or 6 times working 3 different applications. It's not pretty, but it's there, it'll do the job. Setting up the second session was easier. Way, way easier. As much as the process had challenged me, I enjoyed it. In fact, I was so absorbed by it that I was shocked to look up and discover that it was 3:30! It had felt like I had only been busy for an hour or so. Except, I had started around 10-ish! Much as I re-did things, nothing from this day felt wasted. The learning was engrossing and I realized how not knowing the tech stuff was holding me behind. The learning I had put in today was not as complicated as I had made it out to be, and, going forward it will serve me repeatedly. I am so grateful for the strong yearning to put the 2 sessions out there. As much as it came from a place of giving, I have been in a state of receiving. And I haven't even delivered the sessions yet! Ooooohhhhh! Earlier cynicism canceled! We made soup today. Hearty vegetable soup. Ghaalieb valiantly went out into the cold weather to hunt for our soup veggies. Masked against the virus, and sealed up against the cold. It was his first outing since lockdown and he looked like he was going out to rob a bank. I marvel at just how much 'normal' had shifted. A mere 4 weeks ago his getup would have prompted suspicion or amused glances. Now? Now the absence of a mask might cause someone to keep a little extra distance from you! How fascinating!

We climbed into the soup before it was even properly ready. Few things take me back to my childhood like vegetable soup does. It takes me back to a time when I was loved unconditionally and held in complete safety. I fear making it. Can one really fear to make a food? When it comes to vegetable soup, I do. My late mom, my mom-inlaw, and Aunty Madi make vegetable soup that induces me into a full body-soul experience. It arrests the distractions and brings me fully into the present; into my senses. Anything short of that experience disappoints me and frustrates me and I feel as though I am robbing my husband and children of a critical life pleasure; a foundational experience of love and heartiness. Well, I am happy to report that our soup, even in it's not yet fully complete state, was a resounding success. Everyone had seconds and threatened thirds. I admonished my fellow inmates to leave the rest of the soup to cook through so that it could reach it's fullest potential. I'll dream of soup tonight. Ghaalieb and I sported hot water bottles for the day. At some point during the day, he had decided that a heater was required. to tell you the truth, I don't know when this happened. I first became aware of it when it became the subject of a group chat I popped into. To keep warm, the kids floated around, cocooned in blankets. Jeepers! It's not even winter yet! Talking about winter, I am so optimistic about the covid 19 curve in SA. It does look promising but it's too early to celebrate. I do hope though, that we can put a pin in this thing before winter arrives propper. I do wonder though, how does one stave it off? Let's say it's killed off it in the country, do we seal the borders and halt all travel? I can't process this. It's still early days though. "What we may currently be experiencing is the calm before a heavy and devastating storm," said Dr Mkhize, gravely, at Wednesday's official launch of a new batch of mobile laboratories.

It is indisputable that the SA government has responded well to this threat. They've demonstrated leadership far superior to many of our global counterparts. Having seen evidence of what they can accomplish, I hope that we as citizens will hold them to a higher standard. Without noise from the riffraff, leaders are able to do their jobs. I hope that critical lessons are being learned and that they will be taken into the future to deal with all our compounding challenges. As the days of this lockdown stretch before us, non-compliance with lockdown will increase. Each of us bears the responsibility of reinforcing the #stayhome principles. The sacrifices being made are far too enormous to be for naught, and to have to start the process afresh. The government will be challenged in new ways. I pray that sober leadership and clear direction will prevail. I pray that domestic violence levels don't increase as they had in other countries. I pray that we are able to rally around the most vulnerable in our society and that we can mobilize effectively despite the lockdown to get resources to where they are needed most. I give thanks and gratitude for all that I have been blessed with. Never in my life again will I take for granted the comfortable companionship of loved ones.

I am truly blessed.

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