Keep Moving

Today, Purpose prevailed.

I lived the power of remaining committed to the outcome and letting go of my attachment to the process.

Over the past few days, I’ve been quite the warrior princess. I had resolved to do some of the website tech stuff myself. Talk about stepping into one's zone of incompetence!!!!

Anyway, long story short, I quit the path I was on, and I rerouted. And I conquered. Yay Me!!!

Here is why this is special -

3 years ago, I wouldn't even have considered doing this. Tech stuff has always been a hard NO for me.

2 years ago, I would have abandoned it. And I did.

Then I started working on WHY I was doing all of this in the first place. I knew I needed reinforcements, and so I started to delve so deep into what this was all for.

You see, I have a viciously abusive voice in my head. She is such a flippen smooth operator; I don't see her coming. I don't hear her words. I simply comply. My first awareness of her is when I am firmly under her destructive spell. I've tried will power on her. I've tried threatening myself, but that was just replicating her.

Her kryptonite is Purpose.

And I have been learning to wield purpose at her; and today was a precision swing! I slew her. I know that she will re-incarnate, but I will ALWAYS have today.

Hardly minutes after I allowed Purpose to reign, my Fairy God Mother [well, actually Sister] blew into my day and crowned my victory with a most beautiful opportunity.

And then I happened upon a solitary dandelion in our garden. Whoohoo!

And just a while ago, I saw the number of responses to a survey I had sent out this morning, and it is far beyond ANYTHING I could imagine.

This feels Quantum, and I had to take a moment as my heart simply poured from my eyes.

Purpose triumphs discomfort.

Don't back down from the discomfort. Take the time to know why you're doing what you're doing.

Sometimes it might be a new discovery. Sometimes, it might be a remembering. Do this. And keep moving. Be dedicated.

Make the smallest move toward what is meaningful. Keep moving. Before you know it, you're in a different place. A more interesting place. A more rewarding place.

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