Let it Be

Don't force it. Let it flow. And if it flows in a different direction, let it be.

Learning to walk in faith is often the most challenging thing for most of us to learn, and yet, this is the very thing that will free us from the stress, anxieties and cumulating fears that hold us back.

We are frequently so fixated on what is going 'wrong' for us that we cannot perceive how things are going 'right' for us in ways that is far beyond what we can even imagine for ourselves.

Letting go of the need for control allows us to operate with and to play with life as it is, not as it 'should' be. The latter is a mirage, a limitation and an impediment to walking through the doors that are actually standing wide open for us, beckoning us toward opportunities that are ours for the taking.

So let's stop banging our heads on closed doors. Let's move with life. Let's look for what to be grateful for. Let's look for how things are happening FOR us, rather than TO us.

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