No gaat ons braai - Day 10

Ghaalieb woke up excited. I won't lie. It was overwhelming. He had a dream. He wanted to make sure I knew every minute, ietsie bietsie tiny detail of his dream. I wasn't sure what to do with that much information. I was barely awake myself, and It was a lot. Although it was in our street, it played out in 2 provinces. Apparently my snoring was incorporated into the dream. At least I'm in his dreams! Score 1 for me! Thankfully, his mommy phoned him and rescued me from a dream that had endless details, and more implausible plot twists than anything Lewis Caroll could conjure up. The boy was tripping and his trip was just about to get loaded. His mommy narrated all her lunch preparations. His favourites were there, but it was the breakfast that she was pulling together that had him drooling. Chicken and mushroom pastei. He calls it pastei when it is a huge pie. I think I saw the drool dripping from the left corner of his mouth. I definitely heard the longing in his voice. He loves chicken and mushroom pie... the way his mommy makes it. Before he could even look in my direction, I made myself missing. This lad was about to get ideas that I could make some pie. Dude, my delicate hands ain't made for no pastry making! Last night Ghaalieb got it in his mind that he wanted braai ribs. I, a loving, dutiful good wife swiftly left the comfort of my cozy couch. I left the movie I was so engrossed in, forfeiting all self-interest and grabbed out some ribs from the freezer. I got it into some warm water, waited dutifully and patiently for it to defrost so that I could marinade it just the way he liked it. His ribs were ready to be braaied. At 14h26 today, he saw the last of his lovely dutiful wife. I switched gears. I packed away the dutiful wife and brought out the bat from hell. Somewhere along the late morning, the bugger had gone back to sleep where he could dream uninterrupted about his mommy's tasty treats. And I was hungry. Getting him up required the bat from hell. She's not one to use lots of words. She speaks in short sentences. One is never sure if they are questions or sentences. Even I get uncomfortable around her. And so, inspired to actions, Ghaalieb rose and, braaied like the braai master he is and we eventually had lunch just before 5. The boy helped him to braai. The girl was nowhere to be found. I realized something really important today. I realized that it's really just Ghaalieb and I. The kids are on their own buzz. They're still young and they need us; but they have lives blossoming that doesn't involve us. Even during lockdown. OMW! Ghaalieb and I are gonna grow old together. Was that the original plan when all this started 17 years ago? God help us. I don't know who I feel for most, me or him? Anyways, back to the braai. This was our first ever mayonnaise free braai. And cream free. In 17 years. No coleslaw, no potato salad. No potato bake. I just did steamed veggies and baked potatoes. Except, we somehow managed to forget about the baked potatoes, so supper tomorrow is sorted! With eating done, Ghaalieb suggested that my post yesterday was too dark. That I should be lighter today. I suggested that he does his own post. He suggested that he is very flexible and that he is able to change his mind with the greatest of ease, and that he could even learn to love dark posts. I praised him for his emotional dexterity. He had come a long way. I also suggested that I might just keep him. He feigned gratitude. Light enough Ghaalieb 😍😍😍🤪 After the girl child finished her lupper (neither lunch nor supper) she whipped up a cake and vanished again.

We are so honoured. She came to cuddle with us a bit last night. That, my friend, is as rare as unicorns on ice. It was deliciousness itself, and we savoured every moment of it. And just as we got comfortable, she was gone.

Sometimes I just stare at my kids. They have grown so much. Especially Amaanah. A year is a big difference in a girl's life. The sudden onset of the cold weather really brought home how much she has grown. Her winter wardrobe of last year can't accommodate the young lady she is now. When lockdown is done the meaning of essentials will be different for her. She needs a whole new wardrobe. She is a whole new human being.

My prayer for blue skies was answered and I spent a bit of time outside. We needed bin bags and I took a walk to the neighborhood Spar. I didn't feel quite as delinquent as I had felt on my shopping excursion on day 4. Nonetheless, I savoured the walked and the fresh air and the blue skies. Like a skelm, I got a fright each time a security vehicle drove past. I started rehearsing what I would say as they approached, but I never got to use my lines. I must confess, I'm a bit disappointed. My Cuzzie, Rashied Cole, also braaied today. He and my niece created a new production. I thought I'd share it here. He is a funny guy. I can't decide if he is funny Haha or funny strange, but he is funny al the same.

As we start a new week, I am a bit nervous. Schoolwork came through fast and furious. I don't know if I am ready. For this, I pray for strength and I pray for patience.

Let this week begin!

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