One Right Person can make All the Difference.

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Change is, of course, an inside game. I'm always astonished at people's desire for others to change when very often they are barely able to change themselves. By 'people' I mean me as well, so no judgment. Ironically, we are all changing all of the time. Our cellular, emotional, thinking, behavioral, character levels are all in motion. Sometimes this change happens intentionally. Other times, our context and environment drive our evolution. Whether a change is happening gently and imperceptibly, or deliberately and steadily, or whether we experience a jarring revolution, it's happening all the same. The company we keep sets the agenda for so much of our minds work. If the life you are experiencing is not providing you the pleasure and satisfaction you seek, one of the most fundamental changes you absolutely must make is to adjust the company you keep. Assuming of course that you want a better life for yourself? Harsh I know. But true. Uncompromisingly true. Human behavior is infectious. And so, we become the sum of the people we are surrounded by. Thankfully, we live in a time where access to people who inspire and guide and mentor across all walks of life is limitless. Go seek your tribe. They're waiting for you. Yearning to help you shape the destiny you crave. It's their purpose. It's their passion. It's their cause.

Change will forever remain an inside game. The right people just make it easier to play.


If you are feeling stuck in your career or if you are feeling held back by your perfectionism and feelings of over-functioning, connect with me at the link below.

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