Passion and Purpose needs YOU.

Was it Bill Gates who proclaimed busyness to be the new stupid? I've just upgraded him from tech giant to mad skills philosopher!

Far too often we are looking for our passion and our purpose. Outside of ourselves.

We are looking over the fence and going down the rabbit hole that is social media. The answer my friend is just not there.

It's inside of you.  Only you. You are the Oracle. Your own personal Fairy God Mommy.

Your passion and your purpose are but one connection away; the connection to yourself.

In your busyness and in your distraction you became dumb and you became numb to the sparks and the hankerings that were lit up inside of you. They've gone from glowing flames to dying embers, but my friend, they are there and they've not yet died.

All you are to do is to sit with yourself, nurture a relationship with yourself, ask yourself to lovingly and gently guide you to the truest norths harboured in your heart and in your soul.

In the sitting with yourself your Highest Self will emerge from behind the curtain of busyness and distraction and your Highest Self will revel at the prospect of leading you.

  • Ask your Highest Self to guide you in the shedding of masks and false beacons of success.

  • Ask your Highest Self to show you how to empty yourself of the false beliefs that hold you back.

  • Ask your Highest Self to show you how to heal the wounds from which your hope and your focus and your energy seeps.

Your Highest Self has more answers than you have questions.

Your Highest Self has the vigor to power and propel you past your biggest dreams and greatest wishes.

All your Highest Self asks is that you create space and time to allow her to flourish, to regain her powers and to lead you to your Best Self. To your Inspired Self. And then Friend, Passion, and Purpose with flow uninterrupted.

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