Resilience & Resourcefulness Session

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

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We are experiencing historically unprecedented times. A mere 6 weeks ago, we lived in another world, and the speed at which Covid 19 and the resulting lockdown has happened leaves most of us gasping for air. ​

All Notions of normality have been undone, and the most mundane of activities now require preparations and consideration never before contemplated in our lifetime.

 ​We don't know when it will end and we cannot even begin to imagine or anticipate what life will look like on the other side. ​

This degree of uncertainty summonses our worst fears, leaving us vulnerable and terrified in the face of a mercurial future. 

That's why, I'd like to invite you to a session to learn more about resilience and resourcefulness so that you have tools with which to weather the lockdown, and more importantly, the reality that awaits on the other side.

I will cover:

  • Developing Awareness

  • Understanding Resilience

  • Building Resilience & Decreasing Stress

  • Developing Personal Efficacy

  • Diffusing Unhelpful Thinking Patterns

  • Preparing for the Future with a Resilience Plan

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