Run Toward the Resistance

We have this idealistic view that if we are called to do something, we will magically run toward it with open arms, and that it will be there waiting to receive our embrace. We fantasise that it will be a bit like the heavens opening with harp music, rainbows, butterflies, fairy dust and rainbow farts.

We believe somehow that practicing our purpose and our calling is meant to be effortless.

Sure, for some, in some contexts, this could be true. But this is not the stories that are told by those among us who have been brave enough to pursue their calling and to live by the principles that fuel their purpose.

When our calling beckons us, it will more likely be inconvenient and demanding. In will present us with the option to remain subscribed to our conditioning or to make major changes and risk everything that feels familiar.

This was my story, and this continues to be my story.

For years I played around the edges of what I knew I was called to do. I didn’t want to leave my seemingly important job with its sizeable paycheque.

I didn’t know who I would be in the world without my title and the busyness that consumed my days.

More fundamentally, I didn’t know if I was cut out to succeed on my own terms. I just wasn’t sure I could answer this calling.

And even once I did make my passage into my calling, the voices that played at the edge of my mind kept me occupied with all kinds of stories why my calling was not a priority to be pursued at the expense of all that felt logical and rational. I was afraid. Very, very afraid.

It has been an unfolding. It has been a repairing and a healing. It has been about coming face to face with some deeply uncomfortable truths and it has been a sequence of new choices and ways of being.

And I am glad for it. It has gifted me with a level of connection with myself and the world around me that I though was only fictional.

So no, following your calling and practicing your purpose it not always convenient. And it’s not always easy. It takes you an a learning curve that it steep, and that is deep.

And that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

If you are feeling great resistance, run toward it, not away from it.

Remember, that which you resist, will persist.

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