Steadying ourselves in a Forced Industrial Revolution

Updated: May 11, 2020

"It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then." 

Lewis Carroll - Alice in Wonderland

I hope, I pray that you, as well as those who are nearest and dearest to you, are well and safe during this tumultuous time. Whatever may be happening for you right now, I sincerely would love to know. Later on in this note, I share with you some of the support I am offering at the moment to help you, and most definitely also myself, steady ourselves in these times of radical change. 

I speak for myself when I say that no aspect of my life has remained unaffected by the lockdown and Covid-19 itself.

My home feels crowded and my mind has to swivel between being in my business and being a school teacher. [On a separate note, school teachers are angels and superheroes walking among us. Not only have I realised this, but my children have too and they want their real teachers back ASAP!].

Daily chores, previously outsourced to our beautiful helper, now offer me an escape where I can almost mindlessly attend to tasks and, simultaneously feels like a violent squandering of my focus, attention, and energy. 

Of course, I am accustomed to working from home. And I am also accustomed to working from home with my husband and we have over the past 5 years developed a rhythm for how we utilise space and common resources. I remember how challenging those initial few months were. Thankfully we had time to acclimate to this new way of working and we had the option of escaping to a coffee shop when it all became too much for us. 

So for those of you for whom working from home has been an enormous adjustment; I hear you and I feel for you. For some, it has been an absolute blessing. For others, its been brutal and mentally and emotionally draining. 

It's not as if life was not demanding and even overwhelming for many of us before. At least, then, we were able to outsource some of the demands on our time, attention, and energy. For the most part, we've lost this support and we've lost the ability to organise and space the different parts of our lives so that they don't converge simultaneously and result in relentless chaos for almost the entirety of our waking hours. 

My heart, in particular, goes out to those among us who have multiple members of the household having to work from home as well as having young children to care for and to entertain in small spaces. 

As I write this I am also mindful of some of the plans you may have had for yourself this year. Travel, business, and career growth, and meeting up with loved ones you haven't seen in ages. I know that these losses are enormous. And although you may have come to accept it over these past weeks, the loss of it still echoes within. 

Compounding all of this, there is also deep fear around meeting the most basic of our needs in a time of employment and financial uncertainty.   

If you are still with me, I'd like to offer you a few thoughts:

  • Human needs are not going to expire and cease to exist. There is already a proliferation of new services and products that are taking the market by storm. New consumer needs and a new and different consumer hypervigilance, will create radical new industries and it will transform existing value chains. THERE IS ALWAYS OPPORTUNITY IN CHANGE.

  • In no way do I wish to diminish your fears with what I am about to say. I believe that each and every single one of our fears may be triggered by the external environment within we find ourselves, but truly, it is a creation of our well-practiced, fears manufacturing imagination. 

  • NOW is the time to put our imaginations to GREAT use. Instead of focusing on the worse case scenarios, we are better served, when we start exploring what better scenarios there could be. 

  • Much as there is value in planning, we are fixated by what has happened and been done to us in the past on the one hand, and then we are also fixated on what is going to happen in the future. Collectively we bought into a certainty that never really existed. The thing we forgot was that it is in the PRESENT where our greatest power lies. 

  • Visions for the future are powerless without leaning into the current reality and without taking action in the present. 

  • However blurry the future (as well as the present) may look now, every single one of us has the ability to adjust and clear our lenses to see what is possible. But first, we must become aware of our lenses and we have to embrace the willingness needed to appraise the world with new eyes. 

  • No matter the circumstances, we can always choose expansion over contraction. It is a choice, and it is a choice that informs the universe how you wish to be met by it. 

  • Whilst, we were quivering in our boots at the prospect of a Fourth Industrial Revolution, a Forced Industrial Revolution has been thrust upon us. The canvass for business and for society is virtually bare. Now is the time for us to imagine a new reality for ourselves, our societies, and our businesses. Now is the time that we can break free of what was no longer serving us, and make welcome a new reality in which we can proudly stand in our creativity and our courage

I have so much more I want to share with you. For now, I think I've demanded more of your attention than was my fair share. I'd like to leave you with a few free offerings that may help to make your life better and easier and that may help you to reach into the future with greater optimism and personal power. 

Have a look at the support available to you during the lockdown

As part of the Lockdown Support, there are 2 free sessions that will help you take charge of your experience during the lockdown and all the uncertainty accompanying the Covid-19 pandemic, now and in the future.

I have also created a beautiful 6-week Journaling programme that will support you to nurture greater Sef-Love, and to re-navigate your relationship with fear, self-limiting beliefs, and fear; as well as steady you as you engage with the disrupting chaos of the Forced Industrial Revolution we are in the midst of.

For more information about the Self-Love Revolution have a look here

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