Synchronicity is a Miracle

The very thing you fear, might be what sets you free

Our logical mind is an imbecile.

Too slow to see what is happening right in front of of it, only to be gobsmacked when it finally catches up by the clues strewn all around it.

This is the story of my logical mind this past week.

There are a number of posts I shared this week to which I had massive resistance. Either I had not wanted to write it in the first place, or once written I felt a deep need to hold it back.

I am eternally grateful that my logical mind was not in the driver's seat. Had it been, I would not arrive at the beautiful vista I before me now.

It's not just the ramblings themselves that reveal to me the limited sight of my logical mind. It is the exact sequence of the writings too. Like an intricate safe combination being unlocked in my life and in my mind.

The backdrop started when I settled on my theme for this year of my life.

I am devoted to stepping further and further into my Deservingness this year. To saying YES to what serves me, despite the discomfort that may be occasioned by this YES.

The three posts that weighed on me, unlike the others were about Limiting our Limitations; Needing People is Healthy; and Being an Askhole.

By themselves, insignificant. Collectively, they were the counsel I needed NOW.

My BIGGEST limitation is needing people and asking for help.

And yet, and opportunity lay in front of me requiring that I turn to people and ask for help. And so, I limited my limitations. I leaned on friendship and I asked for help.

And I was met gently and lovingly. I received much, much more than I asked for.

I then received even that which I did not ask for, but held as a wish in my heart.

But for this specific sequence of writing, I don't know that I would have reached out and made the ask I made.

But for my self-project around deservingness, I don't know that I could even imagine such an ask being entertained.

I cannot claim that I am changed.

I know that our inspired self prepares us in ways our logical minds cannot comprehend.

Our logical mind, unminded, becomes an instrument of resistance; fighting off the demonic mirages of our imaginations.

Our inspired selves invite us to freedom. To Ease. To what fits. To what gives us energy. To what eases our tortured minds.

A woman I follow on social media says: 'I am the ONE. I go first, then the Universe follows'.

So true. We must become who we must be to have what we desire.

In the words of Snoop Dogg, I want to Thank Myself. Thank you Inspired Self for leading me across what was once an impassable obstacle. I am deeply grateful.

I'm sure you've had similar experiences. What are ways in which you have stepped beyond your limitations and experienced massive shifts as a result? I would love to know.

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