The Deal - Day 5

The winter chill is here. Today was cool and overcast. And still. For me anyway. To be honest, the day passed me by like any normal day. The lockdown only caught up with me every now and then when I made a quick pitstop in Facebook Land. The jokes were pouring in thick and fast on my timeline. I'm glad. I'm glad, particularly because the lockdown turned sinister today. The lockdown has now claimed more lives than Covid 19 itself. Whether it is police brutality and overreach or the indignity that the aged endures collecting their pensions, both for me signal an ominous turn in the congeniality of South African citizens to play their part. Food shortages and the economic backslide in the informal settlement will cost us all dearly. It's early days and temperatures are rising despite the onset of a cold winter. Our little household continued today, mostly unaffected by the lockdown clashes and tragedies. Adam is limping. At first we thought it might be a sympathy injury because of Ghaalieb's shattered heel. After all, to quote Adam himself at age 4, he is 'Adams Jappies Daddy's Boy'. It seems though to be a real thing. I can't imagine why though. I wasn't aware that one could pick up a real injury playing xbox. I have to keep an eye on his foot. If the limp continues, we have to get an xray done. And outing! Whoohoo! In the meantime, I'll see if an Epsom salt soak will give him some relief. I think the idyllic days of wasting away on xbox and other devices are over now. It's time to get a bit more structured with stuff around here, especially for the kids. They have their chores and they do pop into school mode but it's very haphazard. I'd like to put in place a bit more structure. Nothing too dramatic, but a bit more certain. Madressa will be at 9:30 am going forward, so that's a good place to start the day. Ghaalieb was up to all kinds of shenanigans today. One of his beloved customers wore him down and a deal was made. I realise that the man is either mad, or desperately in need of distraction or adventure. One would swear it was a damn drug deal that was being set up! Who knew that Lekker Stuff's stuff would become full full-blown contraband! Anyways, many phone calls, lots of giggles and a S&!? load of conniving later, the deal was done.

The 'goods' were 'concealed' at Client's request in Checkers bags. They were then stationed outside in the driveway. Ghaalieb retreated indoors. Not to be connected with the contraband. Plausible deniability. Client's Essential Services husband pulled up. Gate opened. He emerged from his vehicle, retrieved the goods and made his exit. No human contact. No money exchange. Ghaalieb excited. More calls between him and Client. Him speaking at a thousand words per minute. Me just watching. Me thinking that he might actually be properly nuts. This was like a scene from The Wire. Hmmmmm......that's a series I could get into for this lockdown.....or maybe I could just watch Ghaalieb?

Ghaalieb's boredom became palpable as the day progressed. TV wasn't enough anymore. Ghaalieb is a busy bee. Not shy to loaf a day or 2 away, Ghaalieb can't sit still for longer than that. Then he gets ants in his pants. And today, his bout of excitement seemed to have jarred him from relaxation mode. Thank heaven for that! The ironing was piling up and he attacked it like a demon. Seriously, the iron was hissing like a dragon. I popped out of the study wondering what the demonic sound was that was coming from the lounge. To my heart's delight I found Ghaalieb ironing away. I swooned.

Ladies, the key to a good marriage is a man who can iron. Forget love, forget flowers, heavens, even forget conversation. It's ironing. Remember, when you choose a life partner, you are also choosing a lockdown partner. And a lockdown partner who can iron is with his weight in gold! Later yet, I popped out to find him changing lights. If you know Ghaalieb, you know he loves lights. He talks lights. Randomly. Perhaps you think you're having a heartfelt conversation with him about the meaning of life, and then he responds with lights facts. He is cute like that. I promise, if you ever have a light problem, Ghaalieb is your man. For his birthday, if you are going to get him anything, get him lights. For realz. It will light up his face.

I was chained to my desk for the day. From 10 am until just before 10 pm. Besides Ghaalieb's antics, the day passed me by without too much awareness of what was happening in the household. I actually got dressed for work today. Linen blazer and all. It was a productive day today, so I know I will go to sleep with a satisfied heart. When I eventually go to sleep. At night my mind pops like fireworks. I wish I knew how to go to sleep early. This lockdown indulges my nocturnal habits. I can sleep in in the mornings until I feel rested. Adjusting to early mornings post lockdown will probably be a challenge. But you know what? It's a challenge I'm desperately looking forward to. Maybe you are too?

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