The Vetkoek Paleis and the Ghost Town-Day 3

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

I'm tired of company and companionship tonight. I want solitude where my thoughts can travel through my mind uninterrupted and undistracted. I've retreat to a dark corner of the house and in an hour or so, I will reemerge from my cave. Today was another lovely day. A slow start with lots of requests for koesisters. We've decided to observe the lockdown fastidiously, but there was that one neighbour. She wore me down. Apparently, koesisters and rooti are an essential service. Who knew. Anyway, we capitulated, and doing the exchange was funny. It involved a lot of social distancing. She sent her hubby, and I stationed their goodies on a little table in the driveway for him to collect it from. It felt so absurd, and clumsy. Awkward Deluxe!. If we wanted to continue Lekker Stuff's business during this lockdown, it would do well. People sure do want to eat! On Friday, my chommie sent us pics about vetkoek they were making. Yum! Then, more vetkoek pops up on my timeline later that day. Then again yesterday! The universe was speaking. It was issuing unequivocal instructions and who am I to disobey? So vetkoek was made. A first for me. Served it with mince curry. The universe knows what she is up to. It was yummy in the tummy, and I think it will become a regular part of our diet. Everyone was mucho impressed and satisfied. Cartwheels all round ! When did food become such a thing in my life! A lockdown byproduct I guess? Amaanah is starting to stress about school. She fears failing and losing out a year. We've asked the kids to start journaling. They are in the epicenter of history-making and it would be a shame if they did not take time to snapshot their experiences. The journaling brought up Amaanah's fears and anxieties. It was a wonderful opportunity to help her ground herself in the here and now and to work through the awfullising and the time-traveling. We will get her into school work tomorrow. She will resist of course. And she will be secretly relieved of course. That's my Amaanah. The fact that we are without wifi today did not go down too well at first. Adam was blamed somehow. I still can't figure out how he was made to bear such an extraordinary burden. He probably fidgeted with something. He was having to defend himself on all frontiers. After all, he was being accused of destroying the most foundational of all human needs. Thankfully his mother was there to rescue him with news of a fault far greater than any of his powers. The relief on his face was palpable, and we managed to keep the wolves at bay. For the sake of all of our sanity, I hope and pray the connection is back to normal tomorrow, by the time I post this out. I had a hankering to drive through the neighborhood this afternoon. It was surreal. I drove in the neighborhood for about 20 mins. Admittedly, I did not venture into any main roads. I did take a picture of our M5 (Beyers Naude) but I did not venture onto it. I encountered 8 cars in the totality of my drive. I was confronted with an overwhelming and inexplicable sense of grief. This vibrant, lively neighborhood was a ghost town. Bereft of her personality and her quirks. Disrobed in a manner of speaking. Still lovely, but bizarrely eerie. At home, the lockdown hasn't really affected me like this. There is still a normality in my home. That's where I work. It's where I live. It's where I love. Seeing Northcliff robbed of her energy and her essence struck me severely. This cannot be our future. We have to get ahead of this thing. We simply have to. I came home to a spa. Amaanah was doing massage in exchange for hotspot connection. Ghaalieb lost consciousness. It must have been a damn good massage! Once hotspot connectivity was established, I was unable to secure a massage for myself and was left to nurse my a rather uncharacteristic bout of boredom and deep melancholy.

The thing about boredom is that if you sit with it for long enough, it will trigger inspired action. For me, inspired action this evening was to make soji. I enjoyed every moment of making it and I enjoyed watching them eat it. I make soji with a twist. I add veggies to mine. Carrots on this occasion, and I loved every single morsel of it! Now, I am in my cave. It sounds as if everyone has made their way to lalaland, and I am savouring the silence. I love few things as much as I love silence. Silence is the song that soothes my heart and comforts my soul. I'm turning my thoughts to the week ahead now. Perhaps tomorrow will be a different kind of day. Either way, this weekend was delightful and we are filled with gratitude. Somewhere in a dark corner of my mind, I feel discomfort. There is so much to be done. Can I really do my part from the comfort of my couch?

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