Time Does Not Heal All Wounds

They say that time heals all wounds. Maybe, but not necessarily.

Some years back my husband came off his bike and he was hurt quite a bit.

We were in the beginning of lockdown and there were so many unknown about covid. He refused to go to a hospital to have his wounds seen to.

I tried my best to tend to his wounds, but there was one wound that was beyond the scope and capacity of our emergency medical kit's prowess.

While the other wounds improved, this one wound brought him to his knees with fever at first, severe swelling and eventually some fever fueled delirium.

Ultimately, a few days later, we headed to the doctor's rooms. After cleaning the wound and applying the correct dressing, and booking a series of wound dressing sessions, we made our way home and to his recovery.

With the cleaning, he got immediate relief. And with the subsequent dressing sessions, the would healed beautifully and he now has a cool scar that is the beginning of many interesting stories, each of which have a life of their own.

Our emotional woulds are the same.

Some may well heal by themselves when we have the resilience and the resources in play.

Others need assistance and deliberate, patient attention. When they're left untreated, they become septic and they produce pain and discomfort stripping us of our quality of life and our wellbeing.

They create their own delirium in the form of distortions in how we see the world and the people around us.

The wondrous thing is that we have it in hand to choose whether we will live at the mercy of our wounds, or whether we will move closer to our freedom because of them.

I hope you will Choose Freedom ⚘


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