Love yourself

At the epicenter of your life, there is YOU.

You, holding it together, putting it together, creating it, moment by moment. Sometimes your life is easy, and sometimes it challenges you and brings you to your knees. Sometimes your life is happy and joyful, and sometimes it breaks your heart wide open, leaving you wounded and vulnerable.

In every single moment, life it edging you towards a deeper relationship with yourself. Every experience is an invitation to deeper self-love and greater self-care. It's an opportunity to hold space for yourself, in which you cultivate higher levels of self-awareness and self-love.

Loving yourself is about honoring yourself. Honouring your highest values and your most sacred needs. Sometimes, though, it takes the wounded moments to discover what precisely your highest values and your most sacred needs are.

In holding space for yourself, you create for yourself a space for self expression and a space for self discovery, you sit mindfully in observation and contemplation of yourself. You create a container in which there is no right and in which there is no wrong.

In this container all there is, is space for yourself to live and to thrive and to transform, free of regret, and free of your own judgement. To BE.

In this container, there is a space for you to nurse old wounds and to forgive your trespasses. It is in this space, where you can relieve yourself of your judgements and of regrets, and with these practices, it is where you will learn to thrive. Its where acceptance will root itself within you and where it will steady your heart in the act of surrender.

Forgiveness, acceptance and surrender are the true elixers of life. They birth faith; and through faith, all things truly are possible. Through faith the burdens of the past lift; and the smoky tendrils of an uncertain future eases its hold on you.

Self-love brings you to the present, and self-love brings you to faith.

And in faith and in the present you stand in your Power.

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