Upside down - Day number I dunno anymore

It's Sunday today. I woke up knowing that. Progress! Better yet, I was up and about at around 9. It was good. No spacing out at TV for the day. No obscene eating. In fact, for reasons I don't understand, no eating. No snacking. Not tea, not coffee, nothing. I only realised this later, much later.

Besides hanging out with Amaanah and listening to her chatting up a storm, I was pretty industrious. Reading up a storm. Journaling. Connecting. Celebrating. Cooking a proper Sunday lunch. The works. Everything but the dessert. I ran the dishwasher multiple times. I'm so glad I had the presence of mind to have it repaired the day before lockdown. I don't mind cooking. In a day like today, I thoroughly enjoy it. The inevitable cleaning that comes with cooking is the thief of the joy that I might experience.

Time and I were so deep inside each other, that I didn't notice it's passage.

As has been our pattern, everyone was doing their own thing. With a big difference, the TV wasn't on at all. I think Ghaalieb might have napped, but as it started feeling cooler, he got pretty busy and the roped the kids into do some cleaning. We had lunch just before sunset and finished loading the dishwasher just as evening prayers called.

Ghaalieb took me to the movies. If you haven't yet watched 21 Bridges, I highly recommend it, if you're into police action movies. I've been wanting to see it for months now, and it really lived up to my expectations. The protagonist is the main guy from Black Panther. I really did not enjoy him in Black Panther. I know that this might be heresy, but I didn't enjoy Black Panther at all. It was one long-ass movie, and the panther was very un-panther-like. Too clunky for me. I liked the movies sentiment, loved the Xhosa and the celebration of Africanism. But the movie and the main guy didn't work for me. In 21 Bridges, I bought into him, loved the movie. So I was a happy chappy. Little did I know I was being treated to a double bill. We watched Anna, another movie that I've wanted to see since our trip to Durban, mid-last year.

I thoroughly enjoyed it! I'd watch it again.

So that was our day.

I lie. I made some avo milkshake. Sounds gross right? I love watching people's faces when I offer them avo milkshake. The computation and the revulsion is almost simultaneous. I love the game of persuading them and going to work on their protestations. When they take their first sip eventually, and the sublime drifts across their faces, I feel victorious. Like a child that found the luxury stash, and no-one else knows that she knows.

And I got a pedi; of sorts. Ghaalieb detests grey, rough, scaly feet. And so, against my will, I was subjected to a foot scraping and blading of note. Flip it, I'm wounded! So I don't know if was a pedi or an assault. Maybe I should call SAPS and ask?

I also realise now, just before I go to sleep, that as a result of my post yesterday, I spoke to a great many people about my dad, but I didn't speak to my Dad. Gotta fix that tomorrow.

Its been a beautiful weekend. It felt spacy. Like I got enough space. For me. My thought, my feelings, my ideals, my practicalities, my home, my children, my husband. My Daddy. Ghaalieb's Mommy. Siblings. Cuzzies. Chommies. The whole package.

Covid-19 you come wearing a cloak of fear. Tucked under your garb are peace and contentment. I'm learning to let go. I'm learning to love the moment that is here.

Shukr 🙏🏼

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