Updated: Feb 18, 2020

It doesn’t matter what growth or change you are bringing about in your life, you will inevitably hit the doldrums.

There will be a part of you that just wants all the trouble and effort and craziness it takes to bring to life this new way of being to an end. Nerve fibers inside your brain and body will drop to their proverbial knees and beg you to just go back to the way things were. And when you ignore their pleading, they will start screaming. They will collude with the universe and find a gazillion pieces of evidence that will demonstrate just how unnecessary all of this madness is and they will illuminate the path to how things were.

They will be sneaky and will introduce all kinds of logic and ease and the temptation to chuck change will be great. No, it will be enormous. And if you’ve ever succumbed to their charms before, you know just how disappointed and disillusioned with yourself you will become.

So if you are on any change or growth journey in your life, you need insurance to ensure that you continue on the path toward the updated version of you. You simply cannot leave it to chance.

This week’s installment of Inspiration from Within wants you to succeed at your goals and will help you to plan your path to success. What will be different in your life when you’ve successfully brought about this change? Who will you have become? What will you be proudest of and how will you change your opinion of yourself when you’ve brought about this change?

Here’s to an inspired and motivated week!

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