Where are you going!

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

The rear view mirror is useful as a source of information, for risk management. Other than that, you’re not going to get too much use from it as a navigation instrument. Imagine for a moment how you would experience your Uber driver if he was focused exclusively on the rear view mirror and the numerous risk management instruments on his dashboard.  Imagine all the turns he would miss, all the new and interesting challenges and opportunities he would be oblivious to as he journeys along the route with little or no regard for the windscreen. If you could imagine this, how far would you get? What rating would you give him?

How different are you as you go through your life? Are you relying almost exclusively on your past experiences to make choices for your future? The irony is, that just like your Uber driver, you will grind to a screeching halt and crash in ways you’ve not anticipated. You won’t progress.

I know you’re only trying to look after yourself. I also know that managing your risks are about going further if not faster. Anything else, and you’re making excuses.

So instead, risk this. Risk being guided by your vision, your goals, your dreams. Your past is filled with yummy seductive information trying to deceive and distract you. Put all of that in file 13 and draw on it when you need to, and go in the direction of your hopes, dreams and ambitions. 

Don’t be your Uber driver. Do what it takes to rate yourself a 5!

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