Who's a Naughty Girl? - Day 4

Me! Me! Me! I'm a naughty girl. In fact, I'm not just a naughty girl, I'm bad. Bad, bad, bad. I needed to dash to the bank today, so I popped out to Cresta Mall. Que the soundtrack to Mission Impossible. It's all masks, no gloves and a bottle of sanitizer at the holster. The mall was a Ghost town, and I did my banking in under 5 minutes. And then I thought, "what the hey, I'm here now, might as well load up on some goodies". I messaged the folks at home to get their wishlists. Nothing too demanding, and so off I went, not to one, not to two but to 3 shops. Three!!! And you know what? I liked it! It was so good to be out and doing something as normal as getting the groceries. It was also quite a novel experience. At Checkers I joined a queue of 3 people to get into the shop. The queue was well policed by a staff member armed with thick gooey sanitizer. The floor was marked and we were required to queue 1 meter apart. As people exited the shop, we were allowed to enter.

Shopping was comfortable. Not many people inside and movement was unfettered by other trolleys and people bumping into you. Several times I was the only person in an aisle and at others, then, maybe another person or two. There was NO queue to pay! What a pleasure. Glad to have accomplished my month-end grocery shopping with no fuss, I made my way to Woolies. That was super eerie! I had to find the single open entrance at the food section. After another round of sanitizer, I made my way into the store, which was practically empty. Dark and cordoned off sections created a passage to the food section.

If ever you hear me protest that I am not consumeristic, remind me of this day. Shopping soothed my soul and pleasured my ego. An addiction was met, and an itch was scratched. And I am okay with that!

Next, I headed to the car. En route, I passed Dischem. Curiosity bit and I decided to pop in. After all, who knows when I will see anything beyond my fence again! What a different experience!

The lady at the entrance asked what the nature of my business was. My brain scrambled, and I heard myself say: 'lotion'. She looked me up and down and decided I needed a lecture on how to conduct myself in the store. I was issued a time limit of 15 minutes and I was sanitized with a curt reprimand that I was not to exceed the 15 minutes. She advised that I must go home safely and uninfected so that they too can go home safely and uninfected. Yes Ma'am! Got it!

As I made my way into the store, I was greeted by another sanitizer wielding staff member who handed me a thoroughly sanitized basket and told me to open my hand for another, different kind of sanitizer.

I just strolled to see what's what, and got out in under 3 minutes. No non-regulation items were available for sale. That was strange because some of the vanity products that were not available for sale at Dischem were available for sale at Checkers.

If you are still reading, I have to swear you to secrecy. Now. You cant tell members of I Love Nortchcliff I had been to the shops. They would burn me at the stake and leave my corpse for scavengers to feed on!

I gave the car guard the biggest tip ever. I thought the man was going to fo cartwheels! I was filled with gratitude. Although I hadn't intended to do any shopping, I got to do my monthly shopping without fuss, without queues, without the craziness I had been seeing in the media. I was able to get what we needed in one stop and I was able to score a few treats for us. Others are not so lucky. And so, in that moment, I just wanted, I needed for my good fortune to spill onto others, and I think in a really small way, I made a big difference for one man in that moment. At home, things were on a simmer before I had left for the mall. But, by the time I reached home, everyone and everything seemed to have subsided. Through some miracle and a lot of time, Ghaalieb persuaded WebAfrica that something was amiss with our wifi and that it was not a general problem. With them, online, he got it sorted out eventually. The wifi was fully back in swing when I got home. So much so, that my wifi starved children did not even rush out to poke around in the groceries to see what they had scored. I tried to tell them what sweets I had gotten them, but they were satisfying their addiction, and my treats held no appeal to them. No cooking happened today, and we did not eat together once. We did not even watch tv together and other than perfunctory conversations, none of us were hanging out with each other. Thankfully each of us has a cave to crawl into. What of those who don't? What of those who are in lockdown with hostile housemates? Violent housemates? I pray for the safety of women and children and the aged. I frequently wonder what the impact of a lack of cigarette and alcohol supply will have on domestic violence. Will it ease or exacerbate it? I was on my usual Monday night 3 hour coaching call. It was brilliant and I got to talk through the development of my coaching programme and get the guidance I needed. It was a really good session tonight and I have loads to do tomorrow. Now, I am going to space with 2 episodes of BorderTown on Netflix. On a scale of 1-10, today was a 6. Much as I enjoyed the outing, I just wasn't in creative, inspired space. Things felt heavy, and I needed escape. The kid's schooling needs a plan. Tomorrow will be better.

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