You Are Home

Choose to do whatever it takes to stay with yourself rather than abandoning yourself.

We ourselves, are our one true home; our bodies, our psyche, our hearts.

There are the places within ourselves where we are called in to create safety for ourselves and to stay with what serves us, and to release whatever no longer serves us; to release all that leaves us feeling alien to ourselves; within ourselves ⚘

Creating this safety is self-care It is how we love ourselves. How we love ourselves is how we make this world a better, kinder place.

Self care can be hard. Caring for ourselves can means staying with our pain, rather than avoiding it, numbing it, self-sabotaging, or engaging in self-destructive behaviors.

Self care can be the most excruciating, but invaluably HARD WORK we will ever do. Self care can be the most painful thing we do; and it is certainly NOT the thing that feels the most peaceful.

Self-care itself can feel brutal in the moment, but PEACE is it's intended result.

And the only way to peace is to choose to stay home, to be at home, to be in integrity, to yourself.

I choose me. You choose you. Let's do the excruciating, invaluable hard work.

Peace will meet you on the other side. ⚘

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