Healing won't make you bulletproof 

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

The human experience is borne of paradox; and as they say, 'from all things paradox blossoms life'.

We experience life not through the experiences we live through. Instead, we experience life through the emotions that they birth in us. One moment we are walking tall, basking in joyous exuberance, and in the next we are dragging our feet through the dreck of gloom. And every now and then, we are held hostage by anguish so painful, it brings us to our knees and it rips us apart. And somewhere, somehow, along the vast spectrum of emotion, we escape a barren, sterile existence and we find the meaning of our lives. We find meaning in our lives.

Amidst our emotions, there is a call to heal the wounds of our ego and of our soul. In the healing, we free ourselves of old hurts and of futile prejudices. In our healing, we learn to defeat seemingly random frustrations and irrational irritations. In our healing, we pursue freedom from our triggers so that we may look life's challenges and traumas in the eye with a wink and with a sardonic smile.

With our rational minds and with our empowered zeal, we give each assault on our souls and each negative experience new meaning and we transform them into opportunities for growth and expansion. Somewhere in the mess of our disappointments, anger, anguish and pain, we pray that we can transform these experiences into opportunities to become bulletproof, where hurt and harm won't reach us and where hurt and harm will not bring us to our knees and defeat us.

We envisage a day where our healing delivers us to the promised land where nothing bothers us and where human interaction is powerless to frustrate us.

We see a future where our bellies are not converted into a soupy mess whenever a new challenge arrives on our doorstep. We dream of that moment when we are perfect, powerful and invincible. Bulletproof.

That's not the work of healing though. Healing is about learning the lesson life is teaching, and it is about moving forward stronger, more resilient and more resourceful. Healing is about releasing the power that a moment from our past has over our ability to craft a meaningful and rewarding future

Healing is about our ability to believe in our 'I cans' instead of succumbing to our 'I can'ts'.

There is, and there never will be a version of reality where we heal our way out of being human. The mother who lost her child, by whatever manner, will be wounded and hurt eternally. Her pain will be etched in her eyes and it will catch in her voice. In her healing, she does not lose her pain. In her healing, she finds her resilience and her resourcefulness and sometimes even her voice, her clarity, and her mission. But her pain? It becomes part of who she is.

And this is true for all of us. Our pains and our disappointments become part of who we are.

Our healing does not unwrite our past. Our healing does not always take away the pain. Instead, our healing makes space for progress; for moving forward and for being human. For being alive.

Being alive means living through every imaginable human experience. From the desperately down days to the massive disappointments to the raging explosions and the impossible joys.

Sometimes, healing is an active process where we brace our inner storms.

Sometimes healing is simply about leaving the hurt alone and allowing it to ease its grip on our hearts and our minds.

Sometimes, healing is about discovering the release and the emancipation that emerges from forgiveness.

Above all, healing is about holding yourself in love and compassion and kindness.

Above all, healing is about giving yourself permission to move forward in faith and in trust.

Above all, healing is about being human; and being fully human is what heals us.

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