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About New Habits Programmes

All New Habits training programmes are rooted in the art and sciences of Human Motivation. Both the Bespoke and In-House training programmes are designed, developed and delivered with reference to the most recent finding in neuroscience, positive psychology, emotional and communication intelligence, as well as leadership and management theory.   

Business & Corporate


Time starved leaders and management are beleaguered by rapid advances in technology, which have ensured unprecedented market displacement and unexpected/unanticipated competition. As a result, the challenge to remain competitive can feel insurmountable. 

Remaining competitive is about a lot more than technology though. The truth is that the most resourceful, innovative and game-changing resource available to business remains the human contribution. 

It is increasingly critical that business leaders understand the importance of human motivation and practices that unleash it. 

We help you cultivate the understanding, skills and practices that will allow you to access the highly prized people contribution. 

Our Programmes

We customise the following according to your needs for your leaders and your team members:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Communication Intelligence

  • Developing the skills of trust

  • Performance management

  • Interview Skills

  • Diversity Skills

  • Leadership Development

  • Coaching Skills for Managers

  • Workplace Readiness Skills